Realm of Sirens

Realm of Sirens

Realm of Sirens

Realm of Sirens
Author: Shiulie Ghosh
Genre: Paranormal Fantasy, Romance, young adult
Series: Chronicles of Cetaea Book 2
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Review of Book 2

Following Kingdom of Salt, Ash and Finn have to navigate new waters in the realm of Cetaea, where both are anomalies in that world. Ashwarya Mitra is a human-Maren born, while Finn is a Maren-Syreni mix. In a place where her mom is the queen, it is not easy being a half- breed.

As the Princess, Ash has to learn many things, no surprising that she is struggling. Finn tries to teach her, but with the unrest and rich Cetaea history, it is proving to be difficult.


A lot is happening in Realm of Sirens, while the focus is on Ash and her struggles in a new setting, I am more into her relationship with Finn. In the human world, Ash and her mom are dead. In a process to modernize the country, Queen Delphina makes some changes, but it is not enough to settle the unrest that is brewing.

Like humans on land, the Maren and Syreni feels that it is not right to have half- bloods, or mongrels in their world. Finn and Ash fit that description perfectly, so they are bearing a lot of the anger. One Blood group wants them out, and they are using terrorist tactics like blowing up places. Even though the creatures in the sea do not mix with one of land, they seem to have a lot of similarities in terms on aggressive.

Twists and Turns

In Realm of Sirens, Ash finds herself in a deep end with only a Royal Liaison (guess who?). We get introduced to a new group of underwater residents: the Nereids as well. To add to the drama, there is a third wheel trying to get in between Ash and Finn, who are already having troubles.

It is fun watching Ash and Finn struggle with the dynamics of their relationship, as it is warming to witness their growth as a couple. The pair now has to move forward while navigating tricky waters of betrayal, lies and potentially some explosive complication.


I have been a fan of Shiulie Ghosh since the days of Daugther of Kali (get the three book boxsets). Kingdom of Salt has a Little Mermaid vibe to it, but with its own kick ass heroine. Ash is a strong millennial girl who overcomes her fear of inadequacy to help those who are in need. An empowering role model who shows that sometimes you can’t do everything yourself, and it is okay to ask and receive help.

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