The Reawakened Series Book Review

Reawakened Series Review


Author: Colleen Houck
Genre: fantasy, YA, romance

I will never get sick of these cheesy, teenage “defeat all odds” romance. I did Thirsty Thursday and Hungry Hearts with this book. If you want a sneak read be sure to go look at the screenshot. This series has an Egyptian myth as the main theme, so the whole series focus on legends and gods. Though it is not always accurate, learning about it is always fun.

The story starts with the meeting of Liliana Young and a mummy, Amon. No prizes guessing the whole story line with this. A lot of eye rolling and sighing on my part, but I read on. My mother loves this book, which is why I bought it, and “borrowed” it to her via Kindle. Love that function, kudos to Amazon.

[spoiler title=’A little bit about the book that might interest you’ style=’default’ collapse_link=’true’]Liliana Young saw a mummy, who later turned into a guy who appeared to be a few years older than she is. Turns out that the mummy/ guy’s name is Amon, and he has a job to do. Because he is low in energy, he makes a pact with her. Through out the first book, they have to find his brothers before he fails his task.[/spoiler]


I like the characters, despite the fact that Lily can be a whinging New Yorker, she was a good host. More importantly, she has some good friends, as proven by her sidekicks. The first book successfully catches my curiosity, so I moved onto book 2. Book one ends well without any cliffhangers, but I knew that this is a series.

Recreated : Book 2 of Reawakened


This one happens a few weeks after book 1, where Liliana finally gets to have some rest after her adventures. But unfortunately, she was summoned back into the scene/ story. Lily was staying with her Nana, away from New York. She knows that her love with Amon should have ended, but hey…

This is a teenage love story right? Recreated moves to the next part of the story, where Lily becomes a reluctant heroine. Her journey was fraught with dangers, and no guarantees that she would be successful after all that hard work. It was frustratingly long.

[spoiler title=’This is a spoiler’ style=’default’ collapse_link=’true’]Liliana had to do a few things before going to the Netherworld, to rescue her boyfriend Amon. He had decided to run there after Ma’at demanded to weigh his heart. In book 2, she had to become a sphinx in order to gain access to Egyptian hell safely.[/spoiler]

And the story quickly goes from normal teen to strange in half way through.


I knew it was coming, but I was still taken slightly aback by the turn of events. Her previous book/ series: Tiger’s Curse was the same in theme and execution. So it was not a complete surprise, but still raised my eyebrows. Not my favorite book in the series.

Reunited : Reawakened Book 3


Reunited is also a few days after the events of Recreated. Back at Nana’s farm, Liliana struggles with memory loss, but she does not get much rest. Apparently, the evil one has managed to escape, and is trying to bring down Egyptian Heaven. Back to Heliopolis, Lily has issues with the changes in her body.

The stakes are higher this time, and she has to stop the evil one before it is too late. In this book, the romances take a seat behind saving the world. It is a little annoying when the author throws around hints and then does not follow up.


Is it a satisfying end? It is if you are teen, one moment you are crying that the Universe is not far, by the end you are nodding in excitement. Everyone gets a happy ending, yay!

The boss fight was not really a boss fight, the ending fell short of my expectations. Trust the author to throw in a cheat code that automatically wins the fight. Although the characters have matured, and everything is back in place, does not mean that you can skip the ultimate battle..


Should you read it? Of course, it is quite entertaining, just don’t be so serious about it.

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  1. I listened to the first book in this series and quite enjoyed it, and then…well books, my tbr pile, new shinies, coffee…etc. I need to grab book two.I am glad you were satisfied.

  2. I still haven’t read/listened to any of her books yet. Once in a while I do love the YA save the world and cheesy romance stories so I’ll have to keep this series in mind. Great mini-series review!

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