The Red: An Erotic Fantasy Review

The Red: An Erotic Fantasy
Author: Tiffany Reisz
Genre: Fantasy, erotica, adult
Source: Netgalley

The Red : Story

The art gallery has the name, her books are in that color too.┬áMona Lisa St. James made the promise of never selling her mother’s pride and joy, but now she might have to, if she wants to stave of debtors. One night, as she was worrying over the state of things, she decides to close the art gallery. But suddenly a man appears with an offer.

Mona accepts, of course. The terms are simple, but the rewards are great. He even gave her a present, which temporarily stops her from closing her art gallery.

Keeping her promise to her mom seems very important, and is the premise of the story in the Red. Mona herself loves the art gallery, so I guess she selfishly wants to keep it alive as much as her mother did.

The Highs

The sex in The Red is something else, it is well written. This definitely belongs in the fantasy genre, because it just blows my mind how imagination can make everything erotic. Let’s not compare it with other works, as the author Tiffany sets herself apart well.

Not to mention, the story is unique, with a twist at the end. I do like unexpected story ending, but in The Red it is the sexual encounters that titillates rather than bore. Never an art fan, because I am more into music, The Red induces just enough curiosity in me to find out more about art.

The Lows

For me, it is the characters that fall slightly flat for me. Oh I know that Mona has been moaning about her art gallery since page one. Art is her obsession, soon it was sex. That is just about it for our unlikely heroine in the story. The other characters, however supportive they might be, lack a certain charm.

Plus, there is not much else aside from sex and The Red, with a few art lessons in between. The ending came a little rushed, I barely get to know the new guy.


The Red by Tiffany Reisz is interesting and exciting adult erotica book. It will teach you more about art than entertaining you with the sex. Click To Tweet

Not sure, I am 50/50 with this one. On one hand, I finished reading this book in one go. It is an easy read, the scenes make it easier to digest. On the other, the lack of a strong plot and character makes it a little disappointing. I feel like there is much that can be done with The Red. I did enjoy it nevertheless.

As for recommending it…. oh why not?


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6 thoughts on “The Red: An Erotic Fantasy Review

  1. I have read one book by the author, The Night Mark, and loved it. I am not really a fan of erotica so I haven’t picked this one up. After reading your review, I don’t think it would be for me.

  2. I’m not an erotica reader. I don’t mind the sexual content in books but they always seem to lack any real storyline, just mindless sex really. If only an author would combine the two, sadly I’m yet to find it. I struggle with new adult along the same lines as well. I think you’re spot on there, it’s more fantasy erotica, unbelievable situations that no person would ever find themselves in. Great for entertainment though. Great review Ailyn, glad you were still able to enjoy it <3

    1. I know what you mean, a lot of authors eschew story in favor of sex. However, if you are in the mood for one with a semi solid story-line, try Ann Roqulaure’s Beauty trilogy. It’s a erotica based after the Prince woke up sleeping beauty…. that one is pretty intense =d

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