Reincarnation Blues

Reincarnation Blues
Author: Michael Poore
Genre: paranormal, romance
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Reincarnation Blues

If you have ten thousand tries to get it right, and be one with the Universe, I am sure by now you would have managed to figure it out right? Reincarnation Blues revolves around Milo, who, at the time of this book, has already tried 9, 995 times. Good news is, we get the condensed version plus the five tries. If you are finding this concept offensive, probably best not to read it. Milo is a cool dude and this is not a book about religion. Let me remind you that this is just a work of fiction for some fun, no offence intended and please don’t read and be offended. Sometimes I just don’t get some people.

There are many cultures that belief in reincarnation, India and Chinese are two particularly big ones. Hence when Buddhism was born, the religion also talked about “getting out of the wheel” as in… don’t get reborn and suffer again and again. So technically, Siddhartha’s not really a god, just some guy who had managed to “figure it out”, which is like what this book is focused on.

Snippet from Litsy- yes I am on Litsy!

I had totally forgotten to save this blurb into the blog, but posted it on Litsy when I first tried the app. It is an app for book lovers, if you like books and Goodreads is getting under your skin, this app is very non- confrontational so far. I even like the TBR option. Anyways, the writing is lighthearted and funny, sort of hippie type of style.



Reincarnation Blues is Milo’s journey to be one with the Universe, some might say achieve Perfection. The only problem is he does not know how to get there, and after being born as a slug once, he knows what NOT to do. The whole book centres around him figuring out how to become one with the Universe.

His two guides: mother and grandmother, sort of like the caretakers of limbo/ afterlife. Milo dies and will regenerate there to rest for a while. When he was there, they go through his life and try to figure out what went wrong.

Suzie AKA Death Prime. She is the first Death, or the first one out of a lot of Deaths? Not really sure about this one, but she and Milo are lovers, and hey now you know why Milo is stuck trying for  9,995 times right?


The belief in the book is that time is not linear, so Milo can actually reborn into the future and into the past anytime. Hence, it was kinda confusing and weird reading him appearing at odd timelines. Couple that with the penchant of flashbacks, this book needs to be read a little slowly to avoid confusion. Even then, the chapters are not long enough to loose attention, and it’s not hard to go back and reread.

Most of all, the stories are really creative and unique. Milo learns a lesson in each reincarnation, so we get to learn why we should always be kind to others. Not only Karma can bite, it can bite really hard. The romance part between Milo and Suzie got a little boring/ tedious until the end, then it got interesting.


In Litsy, Reincarnation Blues generates mostly a “pick”, which is recommended. I myself find this book entertaining, because the author really let his imagination fly in this one. If you like far- fetched stories told in one single viewpoint, this is a must try.

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