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I Cut my Hair

Yup, I sliced a big chunk off

The one thing I hate most about having babies is not the sleepless nights. I do sleep quite well, thanks for asking. At this current moment, there are four human beings on the King sized bed. A little cramped, and I bet a lot of people are screaming SIDS and dangerous sleeping. Honestly, I’m just doing it the Asian way, plus Prince Brat is really against sleeping in his own bed, on the floor (any tips let me know!). As for Princess, she knows where the boob is, she still feeds every three to four hours, but now she just slaps me awake and grabs her food herself.

No, it is the post- natal hair fall. When the estrogen runs a little low, my hair starts to fall in clumps. Depressingly, it started two weeks ago. You would know, because you will find hair all over the place. Gah. There is nothing much you can do, because once your hormone runs back to normal, any benefit from the extra estrogen will not last. So in the end, to preserve my sanity, I cut my hair. Like I did after I had the Prince. It is just easier.

If you are wondering why, it is because estrogen made your hair beautiful and luscious, as it channels a lot of protein growth during pregnancy. Once the levels fall back to normal, your hair automatically reverts back to its pre- pregnancy state. Which, sadly means no longer sustainable.

Cutting it is one thing, making your scalp stronger and stop more hair fall is another.


Rene Furterer Complexe 5 Regenerating Plant Extract

Rene Furterer to the rescue!

Apparently this Complexe 5 is an intensive treatment to tone the scalp and reinvigorates fatigued hair. That sounds like me, which is why I was keen to get this and try. This comes very strongly scented, because i2017-02-22_09-55-39t has lavender and orange essential oils. I could smell it before I even open the package, thinking that it had broken. It is not unpleasant, but it will take getting used to.

Limone is the main ingredient, and it also has castor seed and thyme oil. In total, this thing has a lot of essential oils. If you are allergic to any plant based oil, it is best to stay away from this one. 

Complexe 5 aims to stimulate the scalp’s microcirculation via heat, hence it will be hard to tell if you are actually allergic to this thing, or suffering from the function of this product. Doing a patch test might help, but why torture yourself right?

How to use:

Break the vial, and use the applicator to slowly apply section by section on to your scalp. Massage in and leave on for five to ten minutes. The box says repeat once or twice a week. This is supposed to be an initial product for the shampoo of the same range. I do not have the shampoo.

I wished that they had a fine print that says: “works better with the whole set.”

But it does work O.o

look I have hair growth!

There’s some hair growing on my bald patch! Rejoice!


When it says micro-circulation,  there will be pain and heat. My first application was torture! If i didn’t know what chemical burn is, I could have sworn that that was it. The heat radiates and stabs my scalp, it is really as unpleasant as it sounds. Even after shampooing off, I still felt the effects lingering on my head.

My second attempt was a lot easier, which means that I should retain the weekly treatment. I think my skin gets used to the heat if I do twice a week. But I am happy that I could actually see an effect on my first vial. Yes, first vial, I love to use it on that spot because it is an obvious spot for me to try and grow hair.

On another note, my hair had stopped falling in clumps. I think that one is attributed to me cutting my hair and not Rene Furterer, who cares though.

Overall, I am happy with this purchase. My only hope is that my next one wouldn’t be as painful.

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7 thoughts on “Rene Furterer Complexe 5

  1. Oh gosh. I remember shedding clumps and clumps of my hair when I was pregnant. At the same time, my hair grew long fast. It’s so weird! Lol. Good luck, girl! I hope it won’t be nearly as painful the next time around.

  2. Glad to see this works, and good to know to grab shampoo too. Pregnancy does take its toll on our bodies. A lot of folks have a family bed with children under 5. I had one that always ended up with us…

  3. I’ve read the directions that came with the complexe 5 and theres this part which says that you will feel sort of a warm sensation which was why you experienced that “chemical burn”. There is also another similar product from rene furterer called Astera which is for sensitive scalp. Same thing, you use before you shampoo and you will feel sort of a “cooling sensation” on your scalp. (Oops..forgot to mention that complexe 5 isn’t for sensitive scalp)

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