Revlon ColorStay Moisture Stain Review

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Revlon ColorStay Moisture Stain Review

I know, some people never learn! Possibly, because when I got my mom to buy me the Laneige Cushion BB Cream, I had also requested this pack of 3 colors. Revlon Colorstay Moisture Stain is available individually, but this was cheaper as it equates to around AUD 15 each, a far cry from the AUD 26 RRP from some stores. Australia is an expensive country to live in, there are cheaper products of course. But the price to pay is not just cost to me. This set is assembled in Thailand with US and other components, not really sure how Thailand stands on animal testing for the moment.

How it looks


I have here 050 London Posh, 015 Barcelona Nights and 025 Cannes Crush. The hand on the right side of picture hows how easily this wipes away, now you see it, now you don’t! Perhaps it is a special formulation that: stays on lips, not on hands… Who are we kidding right? I will admit that they do not look appetising or  attractive on my hand. Not a hand model, you see. The formulation contains water, safflower tincture, vitamin A and E. Some aloe leave extract, shea butter to add into the lot for extra moisturising effect.

2018-07-22_03-33-56 2018-07-23_07-36-10

I kinda like the two shades of red on the photo. Barcelona Nights does look slightly on the purple side, while Cannes Crush is red. Also, you will notice that it looks nice on me =D .Glossy but not drawing too much attention. The formulation is surprisingly hydrating for a moisture stain this pigmented. Overall I think it looks like it is a decent alternative for lipstick if you have dry lips. It does have non- drying properties. Though I was not a fan of the feeling of something on my lips all the time, plus it’s not matte looking =(

Staying Power?

As I was trying out the longevity of the Moisture Stain, Princess Brat kindly offered to assist me in this endeavour. How, you may ask. The monster swiped her arms around my lips, actually she tried to hit me to get to the computer. In this badly angled picture, notice the red stain on her hand, and my lips. The glossiness gone, but the colour remains. Even though this is 2 coats, Princess swiped some of it off. My lips stayed looking like it had colour on. This is not really colour fast, but I guess it is decent in pretending that it is living up to its ColorStay namesake.

Taking one for the team: a close up

It is okay, it looks nice and it has decent formula. The lip stain has a cottony applicator at the end, like most stain, hence the non- mention. I do not mind it, because it’s not bad for what I paid for. I just like the fact that it doubled up as a hydrating gloss, which I can use throughout the day without problems.

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