Rexona Antibacterial Defence – antiperspirant review


Why I got the Rexona

Mainly it is because it is a roll one, not aerosol, and at the amount I can safely cart it as a hand luggage. On my last trip to Brisbane, the first things I noticed are the friendly people, the public transport and the humidity. Even though Australia is in the Southern Hemisphere, the northern part is almost tropical. Hence in the springtime that we went, it was partially cool but humid.  Compared to Adelaide, which is usually dry until there’s a rain coming. Which was why I pre- planned and bought the Rexona roll- on antiperspirant. In Adelaide there is not much need for it, because Adelaide gets quite dry. But apparently it would be a humid summer because of El- Nina.

Well, if you ever want to go, avoid summer which is around now. Queensland is a lot nicer during winter, because there would be no typhoons. Though if you want to scuba dive, summer is your better days because the weather wouldn’t give you hypothermia.

It Must be The Weather

We have good times with the Brisbane weather, even Princess Brat’s skin seem to be accepting the humidity a lot better. Not itches there, I bet she’s smiling because she thinks that we are moving there permanently. Actually we are waiting for the Seal show at Sealife, in Mooloolaba. Not Sea World in Gold Coast, okay?

Rexona Antibacterial Defence Antiperspirant Review

So I got this sports one, Rexona boasts a 48 hour protection against sweat. Not sure about the motionsense feature, Rexona says it will release more of the product when you move. Sorta like a smart capsule technology. In Brisbane, we walked a lot! Since we didn’t rent a car, we had to walk from bus stops to train stops or wherever. This thing failed me miserably. While I did not expect this to really stop me from sweating, my minimum expectation was a reduced amount of sweating.

But instead I was itching in the underarms, but still sweating the same amount as I did. This is like within a few hours after I applied it, even though it technically should have lasted 48 hours. Compared with the Nivea antiperspirant that I got from the trial team, I would safely say that Rexona’s antiperspirant performs is a lot more disappointing. Plus, the price gap between the two is not big, so it is probably better to go for Nivea’s.

Generally, I don’t go for antiperspirants that have fragrance. So I was a little bit unhappy as there are not many out there that is low in fragrance. While I have no doubt that it is the fragrance that makes me itch, because I haven’t had problems with the other brands before. Anyway, do you use both perfume and antiperspirant, or just one or the other? Anyways, in the end we showered a lot more often because we can.

At least it does not make me stink, my kids did not complain that I smell, so I am guessing I don’t. Tick for that odour protection, but then again, a lot of products have that too.

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