Rosien Snail Secretion Mask

Rosien Snail Secretion Mask

I found an Australian made snail secretion mask! You can get it here (not affiliated) online if you are interested. This is actually an old packaging, and it was on sale for AUD$10, which is why I bought it.

You can see at the bottom right there’s a triangle Made in Australia logo, and next to it is a certified organic logo.

Look and Function

Sure you know by now that I am a fan of snail mucus masks. I have used Tony Moly Master Lab Snail Mucin Mask andĀ Snail Gold Mask. So how does this Aussie made mask compare?

They all claim to do the same thing: rejuvenates the skin by increasing elastin and collagen. Most brain will also add hydrating components like hyaluronic acid or witch hazel to boost the skin’s reception of the mucus.


This is the old formulation for the Rosien Snail secretion mask, but note that they haveĀ  Tremella Fuciformis (snow fungus) but no chamomile in the new one. But the snail secretion filtrate is still in it somewhere.

Judging by the list of ingredients, the mask is definitely on the sticky and slimy side. The cellulose mask can only hold so much fluid, so for it not to drip down my neck… it’s fairly sticky.

But it absorbs reasonably well within the 15 minute mark. The recommended time is 7 to 20 minutes, and I think seems to be the limit for the mask.

Thoughts on Rosien Snail Secretion Mask

My first impression is that it is made in Australia, so I want to support it. Times are challenging right now, and $10 for a box of 7 seems reasonable. Some brands are selling $3 each, and since I’m not putting snails on my face soon….

After using, I do notice the hydration is better. My skin does not feel as tight, and the chamomile in the mask helps reduce the redness. I have finished the box, by the way and I think that it is a good brand to go back to if I ever see it again on sale. At a regular retail price of $34.95 for 7 is a little too dear for me.

Definitely a may be brand for me =)

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