Safe and Sound

Safe and Sound
Author: Allie Hope
Series: Promise Me Series Book 1
Genre: Young Adult/ Abuse

Safe and Sound, the irony of it

The heroine in the book is far from feeling safe and sound in her home, her dad bailed and her mom exist only in body, because drugs have her mind. Sixteen year old Hailey’s life is full of eviction notices, her mom’s poker games and Saturday School. At this point, you would be forgiven for thinking that this is rock bottom for Hailey Perish.

It is not, nightmare has just begun. While this book is fiction, I am sure that this can be a reality for real people. Their parents failed them by not being there, then there is the Epic Fail. Hailey’s mom belongs to the category. In Hailey’s case, her mom made a horrible decision.

She used her own daughter as collateral, and….

It would not be a story if she won

The nightmare starts when Mitchell Santos won the poker game, and wants to cash in on it. Hailey becomes property, his property. You would probably know where this is going by now, and the author has got me, hook line and sinker. No cake or chocolate is going to make this better. Hailey seeks help, but there are not many whom she could trust.

The book is written in a third person point of view, so it is less confusing as the characters come and go. Hailey and Carson’s characters are the most fleshed out, because they are the main features. The story takes you to a dark place, and I constantly worried for her. In Safe and Sound, you really want her to succeed, because failing will break your heart. In this book, I did not know who to turn to and trust, despite having a better view from above.


Safe and Sound is thrilling, as it is dark and dangerous. It will make you teen appreciate you more, for one. Share on X

I am not kidding, if you give this to your teen, it will be a wake up call. Safe and Sound is a book about hope, friendship and accepting help without shame. Love and family is not just about sharing DNA together, it is about being there for each other.

Plus, love the cover.

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    1. sorry not familiar with the abbreviation of HEA, but it also made my sad (and angry). I work in a hospital pharmacy, so these scenes are not that uncommon =(

  1. Wow, this sounds so incredibly confronting and heartbreaking and at the risk of sounding morbid, those tend to be my favourite types of reads. They typically have such depth of character and learning curves for teens. I’m hoping there’s not an open ending though for Hailey, she deserves her HEA (happily ever after). Wonderful review Ailyn, so glad you enjoyed this one <3

    1. ahhh… Cannot tell you much about the story or I will ruin it. But it is YA with a dark theme after all 😉
      Thanks for telling me what HEA means

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