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Safe and Sound 
Series Promise Me Series Book 1
uthor: Alli Hope
Publisher: Elephantine Publishing
Genre: sexual abuse, young adult + supervision

Warning: this release contains explicit language and a scene that portrays explicit sexual abuse & molestation. If you are sensitive to sexual abuse issues, please be advised.

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About Safe and Sound:

While most of sixteen year old girls are planning their sweet sixteen, or talk about their next date, Hailey Perish had to look after her drug addicted mother. Life couldn’t get any worse than unpaid bills and eviction, her only bright spot is her friend/ childhood love Carson Hart.

Apparently, rock bottom is not low enough, Hailey’s mom had used Hailey as a stake in a poker game. Well.. if she won, there would be no story. Now, the heroine faces something worse than living in squalor and starving. Hailey must act quickly, or risk losing herself. In this first book of the Promise Me series, the 16 year old has to make hard decisions to save herself.

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I received the book a month ago, and have reviewed it before the release. I highly recommend this book if this is the genre that you like. We all know that the world is not always fun and rainbows, if you do want to give this to your sixteen year old or older, do so with discretion. It can be emotionally trying, and confusing to younger readers.

Overall, Safe and Sound is a book everyone should read, because it is not a story to some children out there.

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