To Save Sir (Doms of Decadence Book 7) Review

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To Save Sir
Author: Layla Roberts
Genre: Erotica, Romance, BDSM
Series: Doms of Decadence 7
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To Save Sir (Doms of Decadence Book 7)

First of all, not entirely a new type of theme: Doms of Decadence is not the first series with Doms working together in a security detail. I have read a few here and there, usually with really steamy cover like the one above. Since I haven’t read Layla Roberts and I have been “abstinent” from the erotica scene to read some cool YA books. Coming back to the Doms and BDSM feels like becoming an adult again. I read this as a standalone, luckily it can stand alone =d

Since Fifty Shades of Grey ( which I didn’t read), I am thankful for that series, because it has upped the game of Erotica and BDSM genre. With that poorly written book (fine, I read a page and then laughed at my husband for even borrowing it), more writers are finally exploring that book. Better authors who understand romance and erotica, and can write better. Someone like Layla Roberts for example. Her writing is solid, especially her characters Jenna and Curt.


Jenna was a kid when she first met the love of her life: Curt. Be like Jenna, the kind and warm girl who blossoms into a caring and loving girl who is nothing like her mother. It was her fire to do better that prompted her to join Doctors Without Borders, which lead to the main story.

Curt is the guy who was always there, but disappeared after his wife/ Jenna’s cousin died in a car accident. The story starts with a good guy Curt, and then jumps to moody, depressed and dark version of him. I am so in love with a dark version of him.

Villain: The Brit- who remains a mystery in this book. A villain who is nothing of importance.

Story and Sex

If you want something with a lot of hot sex, then this is the wrong book. There is a lot of boring story and history with Jenna and Curt, despite the ever building sexual tension. You just itching to scream: “just get a bed already!” But no, I think the author is a Dom at heart, dragging us on this slow paced world and letting us having a taste of lust here and there. It’s like a good half of the book just staring at each other and ogling.

But if you want a solid story with a few hot scenes, boy you are in luck. Jenna and Curt go way back, plenty of history to catch up on. The sex part is incredible, although slightly hard to believe at some point =/ . It is a romance fairy tale for adults after all. With guns a- blazing and flying feet, I wonder if the other books in Doms of Decadence are also this entertaining.


A good book to reconnect with sexual fantasies, definitely not too hot for me but has some story that I enjoy. For those who want more sex scenes, this sadly is not it. It does have really hot, steamy and lusty love making, but concentrates on the back of the book rather than spread out evenly. Overall, worth a recommend!

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