Sax Creme Precision Lip Liner Versus my Fav

Sax Creme Precision Lip Liner

I got given the Sax Creme Precision Lip Liner awhile ago, and I didn’t really like it. The website says that it provides a smooth and precise application, it does that quite well. A little too well…

The formulation contains Vitamins A and E, as well as aloe leaf extract. Cost wise, it retails at AUD $12.95, so not bad in terms of price. Another thing the brand says: it’s long wearing, is it really?

My beef with Sax

I don’t think that it does what it says all that well. Sure, it is precise, I can write Happy and my hand no problems. But I also like lining my whole lips so that the color evens out, so that’s going to take a little longer. Smooth and silky texture, not so much unfortunately. Smooth enough, but it barely glides on my hand.

Then there’s the issue of long- wearing, it does not actually last that long when I compare it with my favorite Lancome Lip Liner.

A personal Favorite

I got given the testers as one of the colleagues clear out the tester cupboards. The perks of working in a place with Lancome, every so often I get to try cool things like the Le Lip Liner! The formulation is amazing! It’s creamy and soft, as well as being waterproof. The brush at the back though, seriously lousy. Amazon and Strawberrynet has it, I do love the Rose color, I think it looks nice on me =D

Update on Life!

I manage to be healthy throughout winter, only to be struck down by a cold during the first week of Spring. Gotta admit, I was gunning for the whole year not falling sick. The sun’s shining, the wind is cold and seriously it’s easier to fall sick.

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