Schwarzkopf Extra Care Supreme Lengths Mask

Schwarzkopf Extra Care Supreme Lengths Mask

Hello again! I was successful in Nanowrimo this year, and I took a few days break to celebrate. The month has gone quickly, my parents came to visit during the end of November, which meant that I had to write more words in case I was too busy one day.

Anyway, I got this Schwarzkopf Extra Care Supreme Lengths Mask at half price. I am using the Supreme Length hair mask once a week, so I think I can finally comment on it.

First, not a fan of the pinkish colouring of the hair cream, I mean, why?

The mask is easy to use if you have the time for it. You need to apply the cream after shampooing and leave on for a minute or two. The gel- like formulation makes it easy to rub on and it seems to stick on pretty well.

The Results

Well, I notice that my hair breaks less often. It’s not something I can take a photo of, but it is obvious because my hair doesn’t break when I tie it much. Another thing to note is that it keeps its hydration even after a swim. For odd reasons, I will use this on Sunday.

And I have to go for a swim on Monday. Prince Brat is having swimming lessons and I am in the pool because it’s boring sitting around. Schwarzkopf Extra Care Supreme Lengths Mask is a store-bought brand, and at half price I think it is worth the money. Especially when I only have to leave it on for a minute minimum.

Aside from my gripe about adding unnecessary colouring, I think this works well enough. There are better hair masks like: 
Wen Pomegranate Re Moist Intensive Hair Treatment
PhytoPhytoJoba Moisturizing Mask (Dry Hair)
but on a whim I bought this one. Happy with this Supreme Lengths mask, but I won’t pay full price for it.

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