Sea Spray

Sea Spray

Sea Spray
Author: John A Heldt
Series: Time Box 3
Genre: Time travel, historical fiction
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Escape to 1927

After the incident at The Fair, the family jumps to 1927 from 1893, landing in East Hampton, New York. If you are a fugitive, the best times are before identification is a norm. So, the Lanes hide in times where it is easy to get false IDs.

Lady Luck smiles at them as the Lanes find a nice temporary place to stay. Thus the family settles comfortably in 1927 as their enemy stews in 2022. Robert Devereaux still wants the boxes and the family dead.


Stuck in a relatively peaceful year of 1927, the family house sits for a rich couple. Ashley goes to school, where she makes a new friend, settling down in the school. Jordan and his wife Jessie wants to branch out and settle in a different place close to the family. Mary and her daughter Laura manage to participate in a community orchestra, while Mark enjoys the relaxing time off. Jeremy remains free and easy, trying to get over his first love Ivy Trudeau.

In Sea Spray, it is Laura’s turn to find love, a very juicy love triangle. I suppose that it is bound to happen, hence it was not as much of a shock. But between a modern ex and an old- timer gentleman, I wonder who would Laura pick?

Change in Pace

This book is also a pivot point in the series, because the Lanes change from a family in hiding to a family trying to prevent a disaster from happening. Robert decides that it is too hard to find the family with his severe lack of funding, and sends his mercenary to right some wrongs in the past.

It is what was foreshadowed in The Lane Betrayal, the whole reason why Mark Lane stole two time boxes and destroyed the blueprints. Now that Robert intends to carry out his initial plan, the Lanes now have to step up and make sure things do not get ugly.

A few bombshells later, the family stops running and face their enemies straight on. They will have help, but it will be quite a story to tell.


Sea Spray starts slow, because the family believes that they are out of the woods. But when danger calls, they are still ready to face it. After a few struggles, the Lanes come out more united and now they have a new mission: to stop Robert Devereaux’s sinister plan.

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