Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

The Reason why I am not reading/ reviewing much at the moment… this game. Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice is mind mindbogglingly hard and addictive. If you do not believe me, search this game on Youtube and you will be rewarded with a lot of professional gamers rage quitting over bosses. I am not sure why I keep playing this, but after watching people spent 3 hours trying to kill a boss/ pass a level, I feel much better.

The game is still quite new, only about a month old. It was released on 22 March 2019, and so far I am still stuck at the start of the game. I do progress but very slowly, because my fingers are stiff and not very adept at responding to clashing of swords. Now I know that I will not do well in a real sword fight.

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Why I Am Addicted to Sekiro

First of all, you can cheese in this game. By that I mean winning by strategy or sneaking around, Sekiro is the guy with the sword while the enemy is shooting a cannon at him, the bubbling pool is poisonous. You probably guessed that I am trying to poison the bad buy by luring her into the pool, hide somewhere safe while her health goes down slowly. It does take a while, but at least this game does not penalise you for finding creative ways to beat bosses.

But this game will penalise you for dying way too often. There is a story line to this RPG game, and it is pretty good. Basically, Sekiro is directly translated as One- Armed Wolf. The guy’s name is Wolf, and he has only one real arm. The graphics is good, but not spectacular like some games are. It is enough, since it uses other senses like sound to immerse you in a very scary experience. The game has its scary moments, the music background is quite well done. During boss fights, it is easy to feel my heart beating out of its chest, the rhythm is urgent. With the clashing of swords and the enemy roaring, I feel like running more than fighting.

Playing Sekiro requires patience

Like many other gamers, I have trouble getting past certain bosses, so patience is a requirement. If you are good with games, it is a plus, but do not expect it to help much. The mechanics of the game is not repetitive enough to make you let your guard down. Although enemies have a few repertoires, they do mix it up. In a moment’s panic, it is easy to press the wrong button and wham! You are dead….

Oh so frustrating.
Yet we return for more.

If you read the reviews, they are mixed. I too, have mixed feelings about this game. One, it is shit because oh my god why is it so hard? But when I win it’s like the best feeling ever! Plus there is a lot of side quests that helps with the main story line as well. All in all, this is a journey of a poor loyal Shinobi who’s stuck with some kid.

Should You Play?

If you are brave enough, or you have time to redo a level 50 times (I am not exaggerating here) then this game is good. Otherwise, it is best to just watch other people rage and play =D

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