Shangpree Phyto Essence UV Sunscreen SPF

Shangpree Phyto Essence UV Sunscreen SPF

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I bought this mainly because of the bottle shape and look of it. Not really sure what Phyto Essence means, but I can’t really read Korean so unfortunately there’s no way to tell what’s inside this bottle of sunscreen.

What attracted me was the fact that this bottle actually has this anti-counterfeit thing. You can use a magnet to check if your Shangpree Sunscreen is a genuine product or not. I thought it was interesting, considering that we don’t generally see a anti- counterfeiting measure on a beauty product before.

So I thought it was a cool to try, must be good enough for a brand to invest in this safety check right? I did buy the real thing, just so you know.

Special? Not really

This Shangpree sunscreen has fragrance, and is your typical white sunscreen that blends in clear, leaving no residue at all. The sunscreen is a lightweight formula with a lotion/ gel like consistency that smooths on really well. I like that I can see the whiteness, just a way to know where I have applied on my skin.

Since it is still hot as in Adelaide ( we are heading to 40C again this weekend), I applied this multiple times throughout the day. 50ml lasted a month for me, because I am just using Shangpree sunscreen on my hands and face only.

I also need to point out that this is not a waterproof formula, because well… I tanned quickly when I wore it first time for a swim. After that I went back to my Avene , because that one is waterproof.


I was a little disappointed, but hey it’s a sunscreen that works like one.


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