Shifting Sands: Tradecraft: Phase One

Shifting Sands: Tradecraft series

Shifting Sands: Tradecraft: Phase One
Author: Michael Shusko
Series: Tradecraft #2
Genre: Military, action, espionage

In every book about military, there is the bad guys who are aiming for world destruction, and there will be the good guys who usually go: why me? Sure, they take the orders, but a recon mission quickly escalates into a fight of survival situation. Sometimes, if you are (un)lucky enough, rescue a damsel in distress.

Unlike Matthew Reilly’s books, Michael Shusko delivers a more down to earth story. Don’t get me wrong, both feature military men, in different ways. These heroes never thought themselves to be heroes, just a man trying to do his best to protect people he loves. I am using he because both books features a man, though the female counterpart is equally impressive in a lot of ways.

There is no comparison, it will be like comparing apples and oranges. I like Shifting Sands because it is more realistic and is more into current events. Plus the action part is breath- holding suspense. The characters have a certain charm to them, flaws and all. Mainly, this one has a family theme to it, as it features a family of marines (if I remember correctly of course).

Trying to get into a restricted country is easy enough, getting out is the problem. As brother love compels Nick’s brother to come save him, Nick has to save himself and the beautiful Sara. She holds the key to salvation, literally, as the information she holds might stop nuclear World War III from happening.

If you are looking for sexual tension, you might be disappointed, the people in this book are far too busy trying to stay alive than to find a spot for some love. The stakes are high, but the rewards higher still. I have not read the first book Vector, so I cannot say if it would have been better to read this chronologically. If there is any consolation, it felt like a standalone.


Shifting Sands is the second book for Tradecraft, there is something big coming up, pretty sure I want to be a bystander rather than a part of it. The story is in third person POV, which works well as it offers a clear picture of who goes where. Definitely a book for the military buffs, or someone looking for some dangerous adventure.

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