Shoes Wish List!

Shoes are an important style accessory

No look complete without a great pair of shoes, I am sure you are nodding your head in agreement. You cannot possibly wear heels to go jogging, though some of you will be capable in accomplishing that feat. A pair of heels or flats do not truly give you the support that you need: one over- arches and one is flat as a board, your feet was not born that way (no matter how you wish it)

While it is important to look great and stylish, remember that your feet carries all your weight when you walk, do treat them right. Let your feet rest enough between wears, and if possible invest in a good pair that gives your feet the support needed.

A girl can dream, if money is no issue and no babies, I want to own great pairs of shoes. Pain is the biggest factor for me not wearing heels.




Aquazzura heeled booties
760 AUD –

Tabitha Simmons mary-jane shoes
715 AUD –

Adidas leather shoes
110 AUD –

Unicorn Light Up Slippers
53 AUD –


I want to be pretty, but I don’t want to die yet.

There is a Chinese saying, it is so widely popular you can hear it in almost all the dialects in China. It means: want to be beautiful, willing to forfeit life. That is truly the extent of vanity in some people, not only girls. I too, used to ignore the weather forecast when I pick my clothes. Freezing my butt off was the understatement of the wear, lucky for me, I avoided pneumonia. Funny now, that I have kids, that dressing appropriately becomes a big thing *I am getting old!*

Plus, I had abandoned high heels, sticking close to the ground with kitty heels. My go to shoes are sport shoes, cloth and breathable. If you feel bad for me, you can always donate me a pair of shoes. I haven’t had the time to go shopping for cloths and shoes, let alone breaking them in.

I shall continue to dream about owning beautiful shoes. Jimmy Choos to Louboutins, one day.


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