Silicon Burning Book Review

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Silicon Burning
Author: Thomas McCaughley
Genre: Cyberpunk, Thriller, mystery
Series: Singularity Rising Book 1
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Silicon Burning is a Weird Title

Don’t you agree? I mean, it only burns at more than 500 Fahrenheit, which is around 300 Celsius, aside from the really awesome anime cover, I am not really sure what the title means for the story. Anyways, interesting title aside, Silicon Burning does have a unique story line that is eerily close to the current world issues. Set in future of 2045 ( I think I remember that correctly), the world not only has a Big Brother called Mother Mind, it has robots and a lot of other cool stuff.

Robots, Big Brother and a really cool ninja android is what makes Silicon Burning a cool book to read. Click To Tweet

This ain’t my first cyberpunk, it would not be the last. Some how I love the limitless possibilities it brings, unlike fantasy, we can actually make it into fruition if we know how. Wonders of imagination never cease to amaze me.

The characters

If the story and the background of the book are the major attraction, the characters have some serious catching up to do. There are simply too many for me to follow, sometimes I get lost and have to back track a little. I get it, this is a big world, with a huge mystery begging to be solved. But I do appreciate following a character for more than a few chapters before jumping into another one. I guess the problem is also that there is nothing special that separates A to B to C in behaviour. Takes a few sentences before I remember who is who. While some characters are better fleshed out, the book will benefit from less people to chase around.

Yes, the people in the book are the weak point of the story. Mostly because if the big guy does not like you, he/ she can just erase your memories like an eraser rubs out a part of a pencil writing. So chunks of memories missing here, chunks of it missing there. If this is a game, I would have rage quit by now. I mean, good if amnesia is a part of the story, but it is not a necessary evil. I know, because we are living in the world of robots and programs, I am sure there’s a go- around rather than “hey let’s just rub your brain clean!”

Story Summary

Following a terrorist attack, a computer genius name Kenji Awasaki creates the Mother Mind: protecting you from yourself since 1984 *joke joke*

In the futuristic world where Mother Mind and its minions reside, a spoilt rich privileged kid decides to create havoc by stealing from the big ass company. Of course he has to steal something top secret, and now everyone is on the hunt for it. Trouble is, the hunt comes not only with a prize, but also a price.

Bwahaha, that line is so bad, though that’s one way of putting it.


It is promising! I shall withhold my judgement until book 2 arrives. The story and investigation keeps me going, while the characters exercise my eyes as I roll them around a lot of times. While the story is good, it is also quite predictive. Not fair to say that, but somehow you can literally see what’s going to happen next, if you have been reading dystopian or Big Brother like genres. I am not disappointed, but more intrigued as the possibilities are still endless.

The author might throw me a curve ball yet, I just hope it’s not strapped to an explosive thing.


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