Silky Feet Foot Exfoliation Milky Feet Peel Mask

I bought this Silky Feet Socks from Ebay, but other brands available in Amazon

PS: The review for the carbonated bubble clay mask is here.

Silky Feet Foot Exfoliation Milky Feet Peel Mask

It is supposed to be autumn here in Adelaide, but the weather is pretty warm still, today it’s a balmy 33C. If you stay in the sun you can still feel the unforgiving UV rays boiling you alive, so remember the sun screens. When it is warm, high heels are probably your option, though I’m more of a flip flop girl. Hence, you would need something really pretty looking feet, you know, to show off! Anyway, this is something you can do a week or two before warm hot heel weather is due, not the night before okay.

Perfect for people who have neglected their feet too long, and pumice stone method is taking forever!

The store brands are heaps expensive, for a box of Milky Feet costs a maximum of AUD 30! While this one I got from eBay at the mere price of $7, that is 4 pairs of these cheap dupes to a pair of Milky Feet! Plus, these are big enough for the average person. I am a size 6.5 in shoe size, but I think it can go up to a size 9 with no issues.


Ingredients: glycerine, Mandelic Acid, AHA, rose oil, vitamin E and some other stuffs that I cannot pronounce and too lazy to find out. There are some cautions at the bottom, such as this is a single use product. This is also not meant for pregnant and lactating women (although I used it anyway as a once off). Also it says that feeling of warmth is normal, but it should not be uncomfortable. The skin may be hard, try and wrinkly over a few days but that it normal.

How to Use Silky Feet Foot Exfoliation Milky Feet Peel Mask

The recommendation, and the first picture on the top, suggests feet soaking. Soak feet in some warm water for best results, and with my ultimate laziness I didn’t do it.
Then you cut the socks open and put your feet in. There is some adhesive protector near the cutting, where you can fasten the sock firmly around your feet. You can put on a pair of socks, but it was too hot so I didn’t. Yes I am lame with instructions. But hey! look at this photo of a future pretty silky feet. The material is not thick, yet it contains the solution within the sock quite well, not to mention that none of it leaked out at any point.

So if you have carpet in the house like me, walking around is not a problem as long as you do not trip over.

The recommended time for you to leave it on is around 45 to 1 hour, though if your feet are complaining you should take it out earlier. You do have to rinse your feet after application.


You do have to wait a few days for the skin to start peeling, this is by far the easiest yet also the slowest way you can exfoliate your feet.

IMG_20180207_165904582Yucky! But it WORKS! Despite skipping step 1, I still get quite a good result.

I mean, this is the intended result of the Silky Feet Socks, so the $7 works as well as the original expensive $30 Milky Feet. For that alone, I think you should just go with the dupe. Though I also did not do patch test, which I strongly recommend.

Problem: I am a serial skin peeler, I just kept peeling and rubbing the dead skin because it bugged me, it was just calling to me! I couldn’t resist!


In just a few days: decent looking feet.

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  1. I wouldn’t be able to stop myself from picking at the peeling skin either. My feet actually don’t look too bad. They hurt all the time and cause me lots of problems but they are okay if you are just looking at them. 🙂

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