Skin Physics Snake Detoxifying Oxygen Bubble Mask

Skin Physics Snake Detoxifying Oxygen Bubble Mask


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First of all, bubble mask is nothing new. I have tried a carbonated bubble mask before, read the review on link. This one from Skin Physics is a Korean made sheet mask that has their Syn-AkeTM & Argireline® Peptides.

What it says

They probably paid big bucks for someone to write up their marketing, because it sounds like it’s a super mask. The oxygen bubbles should revitalize the skin while the bamboo charcoal absorbs toxins from it. Snake venom in Syn-Ake peptide, with Argireline are the anti-aging marvels in the mix. The mask also has royal jelly, pearl and loads of antioxidants such as pomegranate.

For an added bonus, sodium hyaluronate and collagen, because they can. The full list of ingredients can be found on their website or the packaging. However, percentage wise, none of it is clear in the bubble mask.

Per mask is retailing around AUD 8, which is on the expensive side for me. Since this is a once use only product, it can be expensive to use on a daily basis.

How it Looked

How it bubbles and froths, though my skin does not really feel like there’s bubbles, compared to the other carbonated one. So I might have to question the validity of this bubble mask in general

What’s the point if the bubbles do not penetrate skin, or does not do anything? So far all I feel and see is: bubbles on the mask, not really on my skin. It does look pretty cool, like I’m washing my face and snapping a photo online to show off.

As you can see, the mask is black from the charcoal. I hope that it is really absorbing toxins. I am questioning this mask a lot, because wouldn’t charcoal bind to the good stuffs in the mask to begin with? And if it’s already saturated with stuffs, who is to say that it can take more toxins?

Is this a trick or some sort?

The Reveal


It ain’t that bad, with proper contacts and a wig I can cosplay Kakashi sensei from Naruto. The Bubble mask did ran out of bubbles around the 20 minute mark. The result is good, I think. Mainly the sodium hyaluronate does inject a healthy does of moisture into my skin. The bubbles seemed to be effective, there is a subtle yet healthy glow (right?) and my black eye bags definitely looked less black.

Overall, this could be my once a week mask. I still think this is expensive for a daily use, plus the directions didn’t specify. The effect did not last super long, about a day before my skin needs some hydration again. I do personally question the validity of this bubble mask.

The formulation and the structure of the mask seems off, though there is some effect that I could tell. Probably it does work, but which ones? Too bad I can’t actually count the toxin it removed, or how anti- aging it was. If you want to try it, this does work for me.

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