Princess Brat’s Review of Skincare for Babies

Skincare for Baby Prince and Princesses

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Hello! Welcome to Princess Brat’s first review, written by her mom, me!

Well, she can’t really write/ type yet, so I had taken the liberty to review a few items for her, I did use all 4 items on her, so this is going to be a fun post! The 4 skincare products that are good for baby skin, particularly if you have dry and flaky skin like Princess.

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Nature’s Quest: Baby Massage Oil- made in South Australia
Dermaveen Moisturizing Lotion– oatmeal lotion
Epaderm Cream
Epaderm Ointment

These 4 are the typical formulations for emollients, if you do not already know. Allow me to clarify:

Ointment is an oil based solid, usually from paraffin or natural fats like lanolin or beeswax
Cream is an oil in water base, contains a vehicle (a middle guy) like glycerin or cetomacrogol to marry them both
Lotion is water based, with little oil in it, depending. But more water soluble substances
Oil is … oil in liquid form, some plant based oils are liquid in room temperature

The Low Down

Dermaveen is a brand that uses colloidal oatmeal for this products. I got that as a trial sample from Beauty Heaven, it is not a bad product. However, compared to others, Dermaveen is unfortunately the least performing of the lot. It did okay for me, nothing for poor Princess. Skincare wise, it ranks lowest for her. It does absorb quickly, that is a plus.

Nature’s Quest is South Australian brand, which might be hard to find overseas. I bought them from a health store that stocks local made products. You could find a brand that has the oils that you like. This baby massage oil contains Coconut oil, Safflower Oil, Avocado Oil, Carrot Oil, Chamomile Oil. If you live in Australia, here is the link.

Epaderm is the best performing skincare for babies of the lot, better than the oil because less messy. The brand was recommended by a friend, so I gave it a go. Princess Brat’s skin was noticeably better, I love how the cream absorbs quickly. If I needed something stronger or more moisturizing, I would go for the ointment. You can dissolve the ointment into bath water and use it as bath additive for those with eczema/ psoriasis.


Most value for money: baby massage oil. You can also use it as a bath additive, a massage oil and a moisturizing agent. It is a lot cheaper than Epaderm, volume by volume. It can be a problem if you are travelling, because you cannot take liquid on the plane.

Winner: Epaderm

Well, mainly because I like to rotate between cream and ointment, and they both absorb pretty okay. The effect lasts as long as the oil, and it is less messy. Epaderm is a good brand to try if you have eczema or psoriasis, or severely dry skin.

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