Skinlite Ultra Moisturizing Hand Mask

SKINLITE Ultra Moisturizing Hand Mask

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This is not like the foot mask that I love, although it looks similar to the foot mask in terms of packaging. While the foot masks will make the skin of your feet peel off after a few days, this will not. Apparently this one has oatmeal extract, which I am suspicious of. Oatmeal has a distinctive smell, and this one does not have it. Even then, it does have other moisturising ingredients like shea butter and honey. Forgot to mention that I saw this in one of the outlet stores, selling at 3 for RM 21, that is 3 for AUD7. You have to admit that it is not expensive at all right?

The Back and Instructions

The Skinlite hand mask is actually made in Korea, yet there’s no instructions in Korean. My guess is that this is made for the overseas market, and they would have a packaging for their own shops. Even then, this is quite an easy hand mask to use. My only gripe is that you need a pair of scissors to make it work. Like the foot socks, you have to cut an opening for your hands to slip into. While that is not really a problem, it can be a nuisance if you are travelling.

I bought this because I wanted to use it before my brother’s wedding, but guess what? I only had the chance after I came back to Adelaide. Rushing from A to Z can really take a toll on time

A look inside

Not sure if you can see, there is a linen lining inside. The outer case is definitely plastic, because it keeps the fluids inside. The lining serves I guess two fold purpose: to keep my hands from slipping out while I do things, and to keep the liquid in the glove without running from one corner to the next. Which is why the glove is pretty well made in my opinion, no extra solution in one finger while the other is dry as a desert.

I am impressed, only because it costs me less than $3 per pair. I gave the other two to my future-sister-in-law and my mom, though I did regret not buying a dozen more. This is pretty good, better than using just cotton gloves and hand cream. The effect after also lasted a day, which is you know… good.

Overall, if you come across this, definitely give this a go, unless you are allergic to oats…

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