Sleep Savannah Sleep Review

Sleep Savannah Sleep

Sleep Savannah Sleep
Author: Alistair Cross
Genre: psychological thriller, horror, paranormal
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With Halloween coming, I know that some are looking for something good to sink their fangs/ teeth on. I was offered this book for a fair review, since I do not always seek out the horror genre. No, I am not a horror buff, but I do read them sometimes. Especially not during ghost month.

Fortunately, Chinese ghosts month is usually around August, unless there’s a dual seventh month, which means July and August. I wouldn’t actually read any scary stuff, because thinking about it invites heebie- geebies around. If you are itching for a good scare, Japanese horror movies or Thailand’s are the best at giving you a scare. We are talking ghosts here, not thrillers like Saw or Cabin in the Woods.


Sleep Savannah Sleep is a mixture of horror and psychological thriller, starring a newly made single dad: Jason Crandall. He has a seventeen year old son, and a seven year old daughter. Not much about his background story, although some snippets of information pops up here and there.

The Focus

A new family moving into a small town name Shadow Springs. Just the name alone raised my eyebrows, but could have been Sleepy Hollow for all I care. Jason not only moves into this town, the family move into an old Victorian House, with a creepy next door neighbor.

Oh the set up is just cliche… isn’t it?

I am happy to report, this is a good hook for some. It’s like, here it is, dare you read on and see if your expectations are met?

The People

Jason made some friends, also some enemies. But being a newbie in a small town means he does have to be careful with what he does. Particularly if it involves sexy Savannah Sturgess, a socialite who has some history behind her. Small town and a new well placed warnings, Jason sets out to rebuild a life as a father and a masseuse.

Some villains cause conflict and provide entertainment, others are there as a red herring. I like how the town has the same few set characters, the gossip, the bully and so on. Things can only get interesting from here, because our hero is quite a nice guy, but he’s not pushover.

The Mystery

When Savannah (hence the name, Sleep Savannah Sleep) was found missing, Jason starts to have dreams. His instincts led to the discovery of the body, and the start of a murder case.

This is also when things become more interesting, as Jason realizes that the wrong man was accused of murder, he then tries to make it right. Making it right means, enlisting the help of the ghost who is haunting him.


Sleep Savannah Sleep will make you question everything, see if you can guess what's coming next Share on X

Half the fun of reading Sleep Savannah Sleep was guessing what happens next, the other half is trying to see Jason’s reaction. The horror factor is not high, well nothing to lose sleep on. I am a scaredy-cat, so when I saw it’s not that scary, it is really not.

Alistair Cross is a good writer, an experienced horror genre writer who has probably read all the horror stories out there. That is good, because he had written one that keeps you on your toes, but not scare you away.

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8 thoughts on “Sleep Savannah Sleep Review

  1. Timely read. I don’t go for horrors as well, but sometimes, I find drawn to the genre.

    1. this one might be more to psychological thriller than horror. Halloween is fairly new in Adelaide, I think 3rd year for my kid…
      oh those movies are only for the brave at heart…

  2. I’m with you. No horror in books or movies or those haunted houses. 🙂

    This does sound like one I can handle and also enjoy. Thanks, Ailyn!

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