Slime Goo Lab

I found this Slime kit at a local op shop, but there is a newer look Slime Goo Science Kit that seems to have the same things inside. Even though it was an op shop find, the kit has everything, including goggles and a pair of gloves, which I think are a little too big for a child.

There is a tray that holds small vials, bigger cups and the containers of chemicals. Basically, you have everything you need for the experiment, even the ice cream stick! The box comes with 3 pipettes that you can cut according to the size of the nozzle you want, beakers, spoon and 2 bottles of liquid colour, calcium chloride and sodium alginate, and smaller tubes with cover.

Of course, it comes with instructions. They have recipes for 2 types of “slime”. The fish eggs, which is in the picture and green worms. While they are edible to a certain extent, they don’t taste very good. While I do not recommend it, a little bite won’t kill you.

Though, the instructions say it is not edible.

Is Slime Kit Fun?

Since I paid AUD $10 for it, it was good fun. The Slime kit has more than enough chemicals for a few trial run, and then you can look up Youtube to see what else you can do with it. The main attraction for me, is the tray and beakers. They are plastic but reusable, and I have one pipette that I have not cut open. So I can definitely play again one day with younger children.

Is it good value? For me, it is a yes. I did not pay full price for this, so I feel it is a bargain! A little tip, although you can shake the sodium alginate in the little container, we blended it because it was quicker. The experiment was a success and there’s enough for a few tries if not. Definitely for the little budding scientist’s 10 minutes of fun.

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