Smoke and Iron Review

Smoke and Iron


Smoke and Iron
Author: Rachel Caine
Genre: YA, steampunk, dystopian, adventure
Series: Great Library 1
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Alternative Cover for Smoke and Iron

Since my last review: Ash and Quill, the book has not moved on too much. As the group was split, there were a few point of views: Khalifa, Jess, Wolfe and Morgan. The rest of the crew plays an active part but we mainly follow a few around. I am grateful of that, or else it would have been a bloody mess. Which cover is your favourite: The Dragon or the simplistic cover from Amazon? Honestly I am more partial of the normal looking one, too much of a spoiler in that Aussie cover.

Story and Characters

The story is amazing as normal, per our thief Jess does try to have all avenues covered, his life is on the line after all. Wolfe himself is on the verge of a break down, being sent to his own hell. Of course, being in book 4, someone got brave. The library suffers as people have become more aware of the abuse of power and corruption. And with Thomas’ printing press, things are about to go down. World War is coming, and as per usual, our villains does not play fair.

In this book, there is a blurred line between the good guys and the bad. Of course the Great Library series never had only one enemy: just a strongest one. Jess now has to navigate between allies who might stab him in the dark, or risk getting killed by Goliath. The rest of the crew rallies behind him from faraway, Morgan herself has a battle to fight within the Tower. It is awe- inspiring how much the story moves despite the size. Remember that Harry Potter and Order of Phoenix, this book is way smaller but packs just as much.


It is with great pleasure to announce that Smoke and Iron is a must read, actually probably the climax of the series. I am sure there is at least one more, but oh the whole battle is fiery, smoky and stabby- stabby. Well, the battle is far from over. As a great power falls, someone must fill in the vacuum before more people gets hurt. While I did wish that the series/ story ended there, The Great Library still has more to offer, and probably the next battle would be even more dangerous.

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