Somewhere in Time – Book Review

Somewhere in Time
Author: Alyssa Richards
ISBN: 139780979226564
Series: The Fine Art of Deception #2
Genre: paranormal, art, romance

Somewhere In Time Review

I got this from the author, after reviewing her first book Undoing Time. The cover for this one clearly shows the title of the book, but still no indication of what the book is really about. I think it is cool, the focus of the cover is on the two lovers: Addie and Blake. If you are not a cover judge, I guess it is fine. I do pick books based on covers, so if this book was on the shelf of my library I would not have borrowed it.

The reason of the titles became clear in this book, Addie and Blake learns that things are not what they seem when it comes to their nemesis: Otto. The sly fox had managed to wiggle his way out of jail, and he still wants Addie to be his business partner. Running out of places to run and hide, Addie decided to face Otto head on.

Except that it was not such a great idea, a visit to Grandmother Grace confirmed that much. If all the heroes listen to wisdom and sound advice, the story would have ended or become boring. This age old rebellion prove to be the same with Addie. I do not mind that, but somehow I wished that she would be more cautious, knowing that lies ahead.

Another problem is that the story keeps hinting of Addie and Blake’s past lives, like it matters since book 1. Now at book 2, the signs keeps popping up, and then it drops off. What is the author planning? Something explosive I hope, because this is becoming a drag. The book ends with the couple planning to rid of their enemy once and for all.

I hope that they do a better job than the first time.

Somewhere in Time, lies a mystery that I would like to solve. But this is a paranomal romance book, so I hope it solves itself. Share on X


Not impressive, but acceptable second book of the series. I like Somewhere in Time for the story progression and pace, it is going somewhere fast. It also took me to an interesting and unforgettable journey through arts, I should be thankful for that. But the characters are not growing much as a couple or heroes, it is as if they are too afraid to take a big step forward.

There is book 3, so I hope that something big will take me by surprise.

Overall, this might be a promising series.

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