Song of Blood & Stone (Netgalley) Review

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Song of Blood & Stone
Author: L. Penelope
Series: Earthsinger Chronicles, Book One
Genre: Fantasy, New Adult with violent themes
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Song of Blood & Stone

Starts with Jasminda ul-Sarifor and a sob story. I am not sure why a lot of these stories tend to start with a poor sad girl, but somehow Jasminda is the same: special, sad and stone-broke. Probably the author tries to make you pity her and read on. Though it takes a page or so for the reader and Jasminda to find a footing in the book: she’s down but she’s not staying down. Actually, the book does not actually start with Jasminda, rather a background history about how Earthsong lives within some people.

The history helps us understand that Jasminda is born with a special power called Earthsong, an ability like magic that enables her to do things. Hence, Jasminda an outcast in her homeland Elsira. A little later we learn more about her, then the question starts: what is this book about?

The Characters

Jasminda ul-Sarifor: the main character. The story is in third person point of view, though always following Jasminda. So we know a lot about her, and the situation around her, not much else. Her ignorance provides a lot of learning curve for both reader and heroine. I think that is part of the charm, the author does it quite well, despite the fact that readers already start to suspect Jack.

Jack: the guy whom Jasminda saved from cruel soldiers and certain death. It is also because of Jack that the story is propelled forwards in a specific direction. He asks that Jasminda accompany him to repair the mantle- a barrier that separates Lagrimar and Elsira. There is a mad antagonist in Lagrimar that everyone prefers to not have him conquering Elsira.

The True Father: The main bad guy in the story. He’s like Lord Voldermort in Harry Potter, mentioned a lot but appears only at the end. Most of the conflicts are due to fear of him ruling the lands, as well as the misunderstandings that he had caused by being some mad overlord.

The story

This story splits into 2 after around 1/4 of the way. Jasminda starts to dream, and the dream tells another story that is intricately linked to the main one. I am sure that it will all seem familiar if you are into these kinds of stories. There is nothing that pops out from the ordinary except the fact that Jasminda is somehow dragged into this without her understanding much of it. Unlike some heroine that had this conviction of saving the world, or saving someone she loves, Jasminda stumbled into the job mainly because Jack was desperate.

I guess that’s a reason to do something…

There are some predictable parts (eye roll) but there are also some parts that I did not predict, yet I am not pleasantly or utterly surprised when truth came out.


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Sure, it is quite well written, and the story is well paced and tight. The premise and plot is nothing to rave about, but Jasminda is just a girl whom you would somehow be interested to get to know. She’s a mystery herself you know, orphaned and only has the memory of her parents and brother to go on. The end of the book has some cliffhanger bits, which I do not care for. It probably tries to tell you that there’s another book coming, but I am not sure what story that one would bring.

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