Sourdough : A Novel Review

Prince Brat is holding Sourdough

Sourdough: A Novel Review
Author: Robin Sloan
Genre: Magical Realism, life, fiction
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You may see another cover for Sourdough like this:

I like the one Brat’s holding, it is cute and unassuming, unlike the flying bread.

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This is actually has a solid story line, starring a girl name Lois Clark who is a programmer. The starting point is solid and the pace was quick, so there is a background story on how Lois came to own a sourdough starter. Then the fun begins! Lois went from programmer to baker, not easily but her journey is far from easy. Sourdough is funny and quirky, told in first person’s point of view how she conquers problems and gain new skills to become a bread baker.


The main one is Lois, and she comes into contact with a lot of people, including the guy who gave her the sourdough. As she explores her skill in bread-making, more people come her way to guide her along. Needless to say, they all play a role in her development, but most of them have a half- baked personality. If they stayed any longer, it would have been a weak point in the book. But since they come and go in small doses, I guess they gave the book some flavour.


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I like the front bit, because Lois tackled her problems step by step. It felt like a journey towards something new with her, never mind that weird sourdough starter. But as Lois tries to learn more about it, things may not be as bubbly as they seem. Once Lois finds out the truth about her new pet, things may get a little … strange. Hence, towards the end was where my disappointment started.

Of all the ways the book could have gone, Robin Sloan chose a weird way of ending it. Not just a little strange, it was very strange. In the end it felt surreal and not my cup of tea. I thoroughly enjoyed the front, and just as equally hated the back. If I have to choose, I would say read it and tell me if you agree… the ending was odd.

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  1. I’ve gotten a few children’s books from Candlewick recently. I don’t quite know how to review them. Thanks for giving me an idea on how to. My kids are too old for the books I got. Lol.

  2. I prefer the cover your little man is holding too the other one has far too much negative space and not something I probably would have picked up. I like magical realism when it’s written well but I wonder if it’s used in this instance to not have to fully explain the narrative, this happened because MAGICAL REALISM. It has so much promise but sounds as though it went downhill once that was introduced. Sorry you couldn’t have enjoyed this more Ailyn but wonderful review! <3

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