Spring is in the Air : 2 book reviews

Book Reviews

Spring is in the Air : Healthy Eating

Simply Bento: A Complete Course in Preparing Beautiful Box Lunch Ideas for Healthy Portable Portions
Author: Yuko Yagi, Noriko Yura
Genre: Non- fiction, Cooking, Food
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Spring is here! Well… here in Australia it is Spring. I am sure that the other half is Autumn already. For us Aussies, this is time to start losing weight for the summer bikini time. Well, for me anyway…

Image from Simply Bento

Look at this beautiful picture of a hamburger! I am not sure who eats hamburger using a pair of chopsticks, but I love the little container that is holding it. This goes to show that Simple Bento is a book that caters to anyone who wants to eat healthy.

Strengths and Weakness

Like most recipe books, they either fall into complicated or too simple. Simply Bento falls into the easy yet time consuming category. I am not nitpicking, just stating the obvious. Even from the picture, you would know that salad itself would take 5 to 10 minutes of slicing (even with the mandolin).

Of course, you can pre- make or use leftovers. The beauty of a lunch box is its simplicity and flexibility. The book not only tells you the possibilities, but also let you know that packing food from home is not that hard.

If you are already a regular food shopper/ cook, this is a good book to have. Mainly because not much things in the book are hard to get, and a lot of it can be swapped for according to preference.


I haven’t made anything from the book word for word, I did steal ideas here and there. But I keep forgetting to take a photo to show off…

Christmas Home DIY Gift Book : Nature Art Workshop

Nature Art Workshop
Tips, techniques, and step-by-step projects for creating nature-inspired art
Authors: Katie Brooks, Sarah Lorraine Edwards, Allison Hetzell, Mikko Sumulong
Genre: Non- fiction, art and crafts
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Start Collecting

As we are heading to Spring/ Autumn, flowers bloom versus leaves turning colour. What better time to collect materials for your next project: Christmas gifts. I know the word sends shudders to people around, Santa should be getting the toys ready by now right?

For Nature Art Workshop, this is a book for people who love making personalised presents for close family and friends. The kind that makes people smile and wonder: how the hell?

Image from Nature Art Workshop

Look at one of the examples! I chose this image because it shows 2 seasons in 1, at least I think it does? Flowers represent spring, while the lovely leave candle has autumn written all over it. Simple and personalised as well, if you have the time of course. No examples as usual, well… this is one project I cannot start yet. I did try to collect flowers to press, but … it was destroyed by a certain brat…

What do you think?

Too hard basket or a challenge to meet? I am sure that a lot of people can see that this book will be giving a lot of special ideas for presents and home decoration right? It not only uses flowers too! It says nature, hence anything that you typically find in nature. Even if you are a person who prefers useful gifts, I am sure you can make something special yet utilisable.


I would like to thank Quartro Publishing Group for allowing me to read so many of their books via Netgalley. I am grateful and happy that a lot of the books are useful and actually pleasant to read.

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