The Star Wars Rings : Nonfiction Review

The Star Wars Rings : not related to Jewelry/ Jewellery

The Star Wars Rings: The Hidden Structure Behind the Star Wars Story
Author: Tomas Pueyo Brochard
Genre: Non- fiction
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The Hilarity of It

When I received an email about Star Wars Rings, I thought it meant:

Star Wars Couple Ring Set

So I was naturally a little confused. But it did not take long to clarify that I was being offered a book to read and review. Special thanks to the author, Tomas for his kind patience and offer.

What The Star Wars Ring is about

The author says that it is a mixture of nonfiction, fiction and a prediction. Tomas first launches into history of Star Wars, before showing the readers what he means with diagrams and other examples. This books is impeccably written, showing some serious writing skills that I would kill to have.

Well, even a light saber or the Dark Side can help me. But, with this book, I may have hope. Sometimes I feel lucky, as I was trying to gain some new insight on my fiction- writing goal. My story has been stuck in a while, it seems like my characters are going nowhere in particular.

I do have an outline, a very rough one just to guide me for the story. My characters are still trying to figure themselves out, with this book I might get a chance to throw them in a volcano and see what happens. Fingers Crossed.

The Verdict

Reading The Star Wars Rings taught me one thing: I learn better with this format. Can I have more? I have read so many “how to write” books, it is beginning to bore. Somehow, I could see the points that the author is making, maybe because I have read the books that he puts in as examples.

It is only 120 pages, but no words are wasted. Filled with diagrams and of course, rings, I had learned a lot from this book as a wannabe writer. For sure.

I think someone should start a betting to see if his prediction comes true in December, just saying 😉

For me, I am grateful that this book came my way. Definitely a must have for new writers trying to find their way into the storyboard.

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  1. My husband would probably really enjoy this one too Ailyn. He dabbles in a little science fiction writing and loves Star Wars and would really appreciate the connection. I’m so glad it’s helping you find your words Ailyn, I would love to read some of your work one day <3

    Also, loving the new blog look!

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