How I Stuffed Up~ Buying Rosehip Oil

Essano Rosehip Oil

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I wanted to get something for my face, that was my initial plan as I was running out of facial serums to use. My Clarins Double Serum (review) has finally run out after three months of use, pretty good value if you are looking for something that works. The Essano Rosehip Oil is a fraction of the cost in the same sized bottle.


You can click to reveal the original sized image, which will show you that it has Rosehip, sunflower and Jojoba oil, as well as vitamin E and pomegranate seed oil. Let’s admit that this is one powerful antioxidant skin oil that is great on any skin type. Then amidst all my excitement of finding a good product, I had forgotten to read the big print.

It says



Right on the big ass box, it says body oil. The instructions are weird as well: place a few drops on the skin and warm up. I had bought one with a spray top. So when I went to pump, it came out as a spray. The spray is pretty good if you are aiming on your body, but if you are aiming at the face… Imagine getting sneezed on. The oil would whack onto my face in a misty clump, which is not that pleasant, but it does not sting. The amount is good enough for the face, but I still recommend spraying it onto your hands before applying on the face. Since it is just oil, I would like to say that this is not the best time for me to use it. It is summer in Australia, and oil on face can get… uncomfortable.

Fortunately, this absorbs really quick when you come out from a hot shower. We did have some cold days here, so I can actually see the difference between a hot and lukewarm shower. The smell is not strong/ overpowering because there is no fragrance. The product is made in New Zealand, the land of fresh air and water. I do like the Essano brand in general, as the price is reasonable for what you get. Quality is pretty good as well, and this whole thing is vegan and certified organic.

Pretty sure it’s animal friendly as well.


I like it, and I am using it on my face. Not that I am complaining, the bottle is bigger and I would assume that even the facial oil would contain the same oils. Overall a brand that I would recommend if you are looking for certified organic and vegan friendly product.

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  1. Rosehip Oil is wonderful for scarring and blemishes too, I used to use it in my early twenties on a few small acne scars I had and it did wonders! The only difference I’ve found between the body and face ranges with skin care is that the face line is usually a little more gentle on the skin. I’d be a bit worried to venture outside in this heat too with it on my skin, or risk looking like a pot roast.

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