Sue Devitt Automatic Camouflage Concealer Review

Sue Devitt Automatic Camouflage Concealer
Color: Tanami
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Sue Devitt Automatic Camouflage Concealer

I got this concealer awhile back, but I haven’t used it because the shade does not match me well. The stick is reasonable priced I think, since I got it for free I can’t say much. My Sue Devitt seems to be made in Germany, although some claims to be made in United States.

The blue stick is kinda cute, easily portable if you are travelling. Like all concealers, Sue Devitt says it can hide imperfections and broken skin capillaries. It does cover my redness and pimple scars well.

If you are interested, I think you can still get it on Strawberrynet. Since this her brand has been discontinued since 2013, I think it will be hard if you want to lay your hands on this product.


What does it Look Like?

On me, i looks two shades lighter. You can clearly see where I have drawn. I love the formula though, it glides on easily and does not break off. After gliding on, it is easy to blend in with the foundation as well, especially when my skin warms the concealer up.



At 2.5g or 0.08oz, the concealer is somewhat mid- range in its price point. Of course, there are cheaper or more expensive concealers. What I like most about the twist stick is its even amount of product every time I glide it.

Even though the shade is lighter, I am surprised that it covers the scars and redness well. Some tutorials said that lighter shades can bring out the blemishes, but so far I am happy with the results.

What I do not like about it, is the concealer stick cannot be cleaned. Of course I can wipe off some product before applying, but it’s so little I feel like I am wasting product. Hence if you are prone to breakouts, this is not a good concealer to use.

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