Sukin Hand and Nail Cream Review

Brat is prop again

Sukin Hand Cream is nothing special

I have this hand cream for a while, although it is nothing special, it works as it should. It has aloe barbadensis, vitamin E and hydrolyzed soy protein for the cuticles. This range is safe to use on kids, well on mine anyway. The ingredients are mainly plant based, with a few synthetic stuffs here and there.

Despite that, it is still free of nasty chemicals like parabens, SLS and mineral oils. So if brat were to eat my hands accidentally, I wouldn’t have to worry. I know that I shouldn’t, but it is easy to just let her have my fingers to suck on when she is bored. Princess is also teething now, so the nightmare is when she bites my fingers with all her might to lessen the pressure.

A lot of people are promoting natural stuff like beeswax, I have too many hand creams right now to consider adding more into my cache. Sukin Hand cream is quite thick, so I don’t have to apply a lot. Good news for some: it leaves no greasy residue. But it also lacks that silicone/ silky feel that I like. If you cannot find Sukin Hand Cream, Natio has a good hand cream range.

I got this from a show bag, it was a bag full of Sukin stuffs, with a special price. The bag has a few goodies that I like, although I think my mom had made off with a few too. Fortunately, this is not an expensive brand. The only problem is, the nail/ cuticle part does not seem to be working. My nails still keep breaking, maybe with all that baby biting.


Overall, this is just another regular hand cream. It is moisturizing and quick absorbing. It is the essential that will not break your bank.

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