Sukin Organics Purifying Facial Masque

Sukin Organics Purifying Facial Masque

Brand: Sukin
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I got this Sukin purifying masque from work, because it’s for free. Sukin is an Australian brand, the factory in Melbourne. The brand sources its ingredients organically, its products are carbon-neutral and not animal- tested. This one has been discontinued for newer products in the line, so you might not have the purifying one soon.

But the Detoxifying mask is still available with a slightly different blend.


The main ingredients are a blend of Australian red clay and kaolin. It also contains jojoba, aloe vera, & rosehip oils. There is not much smell in the mask, the mask smooths on easily. Sukin says that the mask purifies and hydrates at the same time. It is great for winter time when I need something for pimples and dry skin.

Using the mask

You can see the spotty pimple on my jaw, the clay smooths on well despite being a thin layer. There is no drying and cracking on my face, probably because they put a fair bit of oil into the blend. The mask has a shiny sheen, but does not feel oily to the touch.

While I am not always a fan of clay mask, Sukin’s does not dry out quickly. I think they have less water in the mix and hence does not have that cracking effect with other brands.

After Using

Sukin Purifying mask washes off easily because it does not dry out on the skin. It is a quick and easy process with warm water and a towel. My skin feels cleaner after, without the tightening effect of clay masks. If you have used clay masks in the past, you will know what I’m on about.

For under AUD 20, it is good skin care for drug store brand. If you are in the market for something that is vegan and organic, the brand makes plenty of skin care products. They also use Australian native plants, so be sure to keep your eye out.

But they are definitely infinitely better than DB Magic Metal Shimmer Peel Off Mask

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