Sure Thing by Jana Aston Review

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Sure Thing
Author: Jana Aston
Genre: Romance, contemporary
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Sure Thing

I won this from a giveaway from (un)Conventional Book Views, who has also awarded me with the Cafe series, which I absolutely adore. Like the Cafe series, it is the characters that draw me in. Despite the well worn story lines and semi- predictable outcomes, she can definitely make reading entertaining with more cute characters.


Asked to swap places with her sister, Violet agreed because she had no where else to go. She had no job and boyfriend, and she just lost her apartment. Violet agreed to do her sister, Daisy’s job to avoid both sisters losing their jobs.

What was supposed to be an easy job, Violet met a handsome man who was on a holiday with his grandmother. Of course things are not what they seem in Sure Thing. Soon this becomes an unwilling game of deception and lies, and the first one who cracks loses the game.


Main character and point of view 1 is Violet, who is called Daisy while in this book. This is because they have swapped very early on, Violet taking her sister’s place as a tour guide. Despite not knowing anything about tours, Violet agreed to help out.

Point of view 2 is Jennings, a British hunk who was on a trip with grandma in America. They were in Violet/ Daisy’s tour bus, and of course Jennings had to take a shine on the tour guide.


From page one, it was a lot of fun with Violet. She had never wanted anything to for this to happen, playing tour guide and meeting Jennings was not her plan in life. The conversations she had with Jennings are pure fun and witty. I liked the conversations, and also the build up of tension between the two. Jennings is not a stupid guy, he knows something is up, just do not know what. Plus he is also hiding something.

Sure Thing~! Great cover, greater romance by Jana Aston. Fancy a tour around America? Share on X

Definitely a must read from my list! Not sure how many times I have reread it since I got the book.


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  1. I haven’t read this author before but Violet sounds like a great character and the book sounds good. You have me interested!

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