I’m back ! Great Weather in Sydney for A wedding

Wedding in Sydney!

My youngest brother had his wedding in Sydney last week, since it was a long weekend here in some parts of Australia. I believe that the bride and groom prayed pretty hard to get such a marvellous looking weather. It was picture perfect from start to finish, aside from the cold blasts of wind now and again. If you want to know, this is 2 Jeffrey Street, in Kirribilli. This spot is a short walk to Luna Park and the Admiral House (if 10 minutes is a short walk). For a place to fit 30 people, this corner with the banyan tree was ideal, looking towards the Opera House, with the Sydney Harbour Bridge right behind.

Oh yeah, this is a place worthy of Instagram, if only I had the time.

The Ring Bearer and Flower Girl


She wasn’t well, ¬†even with a brand new dress and the pair of bling shoes, I could not get her to actually be part of the wedding. Princess was bit unwell, coupled with a hectic schedule of flying on the day of the ceremony, she was fatigued. Prince though, was a ray of sunshine in his ultra baggy suit.

As for me… since I wasn’t the main character…

Not the most flattering photos, but it is the only one that looked decent. The one holding the rings is my mom, that is Prince and Princess’ brat’s grandma. Very obvious that I did not inherit any fashion sense from her. My dress is old, 2013, so 5 years old. U can see by the colours that I don’t wear it often. But I really like it, and it fits me still. She was wearing an ao dai that she custom made from Vietnam underneath her very thick jacket.

Last but not Least, my Wedding highlight

Here is a photo of Prince Brat doing his sister’s job. I was right behind him, hence no decent photos. Grandpa had Princess Brat, who seemed to find comfort in front row seats. Please don’t laugh at the red shoes, we had forgotten to buy him proper shoes. He loves those red light up shoes. All in all, it was a great wedding with lots and lots of fun. Since it is not my wedding, best not to post to many photos without permission.

I will be back posting books and pretty stuffs soon enough. =D

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