Talking As Fast As I Can: first audiobook cherry review


Talking as Fast as I Can: From Gilmore Girls to Gilmore Girls (and Everything in Between)

Author: Lauren Graham
Genre: Memoir, Non-fiction
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Talking as Fast as I Can Audiobook

Looks the same, except that it has 5 CDs and actually has a pdf photos that were featured in the printed book!


Well, it had to be in PDF just in case someone stole it, right? I had actually read the book before the audiobook, and I managed to borrowed both from my local library. The audiobook finally came to me like 3 months after the printed version, though it is probably a good start to venture into audiobook listening.

If Lauren Graham cannot convince me to try audiobook, I am not sure who else can. She has quite a voice, not to mention the way it was written felt personal. I read it like Lorelai would be talking to her mother, panicky and fast.

Except the audiobook was not like that ( a little disappointed at that fact), it is more formal and frankly I wasn’t actually clicking with the book. Well, with exception to the conversation with her dad, which I hope that it is really her father she’s talking to. Did I manage to listen to all 4 of it? No, not really, life got in the way.

I can’t put it in the car because Prince Brat wants to listen to songs on multiplication (he’s obsessed with 10 X at the moment) and Princess likes Mando Pop, I’m fighting a losing battle in the car. At home is even worse, put the earphones on, and the two would have these antennae that realises mommy’s not paying attention to Shimmer and Shine! No, this cannot happen! Not noise cancelling earphones, mind you, though it would be heaven to not hear children at all for like.. few hours.

I did manage to finish CD 1 ! Hurrah! And yes, it was a fun experience.

Not one that I can repeat at this point in my life.

Little Rant

As a female/ mother/ wife, I notice that people WANTS to talk to me WHEN I am not available. Spend time with them, and they ignore me; ignore them to eat for 1 second and they swarm. Reading at least I can multitask by “listening” at my kids trying to negotiate for chocolate. But it is so hard to pay attention to this plus conversation.

Book Versus Audio

I guess the main difference between print and audio is the location of the photos, such as this one here. Clearly the photo is linked to the story with her dad, and if you want to look at it while you are listening, you need a computer.

Picture quality seems to be the same, black and white. I do prefer reading the book, because hey, I can pay attention and go back to a particular paragraph. Audio can be harder for me, because sometimes I would miss a part and not know where it is. Lauren Graham is a great narrator, I like her voice and friendliness. A little formal, but it’s okay, she doesn’t know I exist in the first place.


Talking As Fast As I Can may be one of the few memoirs/ personal bio that I read, just because she is such an interesting person. I learn a lot of fun things, but not sure what to do with that knowledge. Which is why I don’t generally read them, inspirational and entertaining, but I don’t learn a thing.

Definitely enjoyable in both formats, pick what you like.

For my first audiobook cherry, I am glad it’s Lauren.


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  1. Haha! I’m stuck on that line that it would be haven not to hear the little one’s voices for a little while. Girl, I hear you and I and sympathetic to the highest order. I haven’t done one audio book for this reason. I feel like a never could. Reading is hard enough!

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