Tech versus Facial Creams : which is actually better?

Tech versus Facial Creams


Do you feel “outdated” when people are using technology instead of the usual facial creams and potions in their anti-aging regimen? I kinda have to say that Asia is big on using technology in their skin care routine. The 2 that I have on hand is just a mere fraction of what is out there. Many may think that this is a new thing with the introduction of acne mask by Neutrogena, but in actual fact, the light therapy is pretty old.

If you search LED facial masks, there are a lot of choices out there you can choose from. Some salons have the big ones that has more LED that normal home ones. But they work the same, emitting light in specific wavelengths to stimulate skin reparation.

The Koreans have it :

but this is just red light at 630nm, and it does not do much with acne. Red light is supposed to increase collagen production, and supposed to improve skin tone and overall health. Different machines have different time limit: this one in the picture only requires fifteen minutes. The one I have needs around half an hour, and is heavy as well. Some Taiwanese models are lighter, but carries less LED.

What does LED Facial Mask Do?

While the red light of 630nm is proven by science to stimulate collagen and elastin, and the blue light is to destroy bacteria that causes acne (which is what Neutrogena uses). The other light waves are not proven by science at all, the ones I have also have yellow light, which is supposed to lighten scars and things. The other ones are a combination of two different lights. The last one is actually pretty cool: it flashes all seven colors in specific time.

Though I may have to add, that you may need to buy from reputable brands. The eBay one that I got does not seem to do much for my skin. And I already have it for a few weeks now, compared to the Freeze24/7 facial cream, I cannot see much change. Though there is a little lightening effect on my pigmentation, but if you want a stronger one those depigmentation creams  work very well.


Plus it is quite drying on the skin, you could use a hydrating mask underneath. Like this Miss Pig one that I am using now as a middle mask in the between. It is recommended by the way, and this does not negatively affect the light wave reaching the skin. After using the machine, you do have to apply a good moisturizing facial cream to avoid skin drying out.

I insisted on this one, because it has a neck piece. I wanted something with a neck as I believe the neck can betray your age if you let it. This model needs to be connected to the electric source. Lesson learned: buy good brands and not generic. At the moment, none of the big brands are offering that neck piece as option.

KOIZUMI Bijouna KBE1600N Hot and Cool

With this one, instead of exfoliating facial creams, I had decided to find something that can do it gently. This is not what I wanted initially, but I eventually settled on the Koizumi Bjiouna because of the cost. Brands that I wanted are either too steep or unavailable for international postage (bummer). I finally got this from eBay, posted from Japan.

This has 3 modes: exfoliate, hydrate and cold mode. The cold mode is supposed to tighten the skin, while the other two mainly goes under hot mode. The box of Koizumi comes with a charger, the unit, a sample serum and a full bottle. Plus a box of 5 cotton pads to use, mainly for exfoliation.

How to Use:

To exfoliate: first you lift the cover up, then you place the cotton pad on the steel plate. The “cover” holds the cotton in place (see pic below). Put serum or toner on the pad, and turn the machine on. The first option is exfoliate, press Hot (top button) and move the plate from middle and swipe outwards.

First you have to cleanse like usual. I am using the DB kohl eyeliner to show that this is pretty decent.

Just a reminder: after a cleanse before I used the machine okay?

The skin is noticeably cleaner after and no there is no photoshop involved.

To Moisturize:

Press the bottom button to switch on, then press again to move to moisturizing mode. Without the cotton pad, just put the serum directly on the steel plate. If I feel lazy, I would just put the cream on my face, and use the machine the same way as the first step.

For the cold mode, just press the button another time, the button would flash blue. The plate will actually feel cold (it’s really awesome!) and just do the same way as you would. The direction says that you can use cold mode only few times a week. The moisturize and exfoliate can be a daily thing.

What I really Wanted

I saw this in a Taiwanese talk show, and I was impressed at the efficiency of this ultrasonic spatula. The recommended usage is use one side for exfoliate and the other to push the moisturiser deeper into the skin.¬†This is also a popular item, though the original brand costs quite a bit.The brand that worked in the show was pretty expensive. In the end, I couldn’t find a seller that could post this item to Australia, so I had to give up =(

Maybe next time if I see it I will buy it. I did see it, but it cost AUD 300 and I refused to pay three times more than RRP in Asia.

Is Tech Really Better than Facial Creams?

Well… one thing for sure, at least you don’t have to worry that it is cruelty free or that not. Another thing that tech is better, is that you do need to buy it once. It can be a supplementary to your skin care regimen, if it worked though. In a few years, these things would only get better with more testing.

Innovation would make us beautiful without going under the knife one day =D I look forward to it.

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  1. I’ve seen these around and reviewed on a few beauty forums actually but no one seems to discuss what the LED lights actually do for the skin, just how effective they are. It’s amazing that various colours actually treat different conditions. $300.00 is a small fortune isn’t it and I can imagine results of the units probably vary. Do you think the Neutrogena brand would be as effective? I’m really interested in trying one as well. You’ve got such fabulous skin Ailyn <3

    1. Neutrogena is pretty good, I have read the research (working in pharmacy has its perks) but it is the constant buying of the activator (cost about $30) that i am not really into
      *thanks for the compliment* hehee

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