Ten Things My Cat Hates About You

Ten Things My Cat Hates About You

Ten Things My Cat Hates About You (Order link)
Author: Lottie Lucas
Genre: Romance

Clara Swift’s has a problem in her love life: her cat Casper. Honestly, I have a lot of fun watching Clara and Caspers interact in the book. This is more like a self- discovery romance, mixed in with some humour. The story is simple: Clara’s cat is sabotaging all her hopes in finding the right guy to have the forever.


Clara Swift- has a job in the museum as a art preserver ( I think, sorry if I got it wrong). But she does a lot of things for a small private museum. Clara is a born romantic with a sad history.

Freddie- he’s Clara’s younger brother who is bumming at her place in Cambridge.

Heather- Heather is Clara’s best friend, but more like the sound of reason in her life.

Casper- the ginger cat that turned up one day, and is number one enemy of many people in the neighbourhood. Seriously…

About Ten Things My Cat Hates About You

When a story starts with a man running away from a cat, this is gotta be good! Well, I am sure that Casper does not actually count, but I suspect Clara does. While everyone knows that animals have good instinct, I think Casper takes it to the next level. Clara is experated, she wants to find someone to be with long term.

In comes 2 men, like… at the same time. One is Josh the veterinarian, and the other is Adam Warwick, the youngest professor in faculty. So apparently the Ten Things My Cat Hates about You does not count the hunky veterinarian. Casper, for once, appears to be amiable towards Josh.

As Clara navigates pitfalls of life, I get to see how she can get it so wrong. She’s got good friends, everyone can see the mistakes that she is making. So it’s like looking this 25 year old girl making same errors in her love life all the time. I suppose that’s why Casper is quite controlling in terms of her romance.

I doubt that Clara understands what her friends are trying to tell her half the time. She can be argumentative, and hurtful. Most of the times, she is a good friend with a very positive attitude in people.


It is a fun light read. Casper the cat ties everything together quite well, if it was just the girl alone it would have been really bad. Her mind’s scattered, and yet she’s always looking on the bright side of life. There are some bad fights, but true friends will pull through. Overall, I think that this is an easy read if you want something light- hearted.


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