The Anunnaki Purse: Colton Banyon Mystery #32

The Anunnaki Purse:
Author: Gerald Kubicki
Genre: Mystery, historical fiction, Sci-Fi
Series: Colton Banyon #32
Annunaki Purse (Kindle), Annunaki Purse Book

The Anunnaki Purse

It has been awhile since I read books from Gerald Kubicki, life has been really hectic and it is going to get worse in November. I have ambitiously signed up to do Nanowrimo, so here’s to… madness. Anyway, so in a blink, there’re 32 books in the series. I have missed a few, but I am happy to see that the team from Dewey & Beatem is back. This time it’s for a very unique artifact. Colton Banyon and his teams call themselves “Finders” because they are good that finding things… or at least the lead honcho is.

About the book

The Anunnaki is supposed to be a group of deities that appear in the myths of the ancient civilisations such as the Sumerians, Akkadians, Assyrians, and Babylonians. The premise is interesting, as there are a lot of speculation about them. Hence, the story starts off with an alien race, which becomes the basis of the story. Then it fast forward to the current timeline, someone finds the famed Anunnaki Purse, which was said to have special powers.
Hopping around viewpoints make the book appears to mimic a movie, where you get the enemy’s point of view as well as the heroes. First we get to see how and why the purse was found, and then watching as powers in the shadows struggle to control it. Of course, won’t be fun if Colton Banyon and his gang aren’t involved.

Back with the gang

We have Colton or Colt Banyon with his lovely wife Loni Chen, the Patel sisters are as lovely and deadly as ever! Of course his team at Dewey & Beatem has more people now, and he has more help getting things done. So we have the bad guys from all over wanting this piece of unique power, and aliens. Not the first time anyway, Colton has been dealing with aliens since Society of Orion days. So it’s not terribly surprising, but these beings are not as malevolent as the last lot so far.


While it is no big secret to the readers who the bad guys are, Colton has to figure out the mystery while he works to find this elusive purse. The Anunnaki watches in the dark, and suddenly develops an interest towards Colt’s abilities. The team’s mission is to get the purse, and save Colton. Maybe even the world! You will have to read it to find out. While this book does not make you question much about religion, you do have to wonder if these beings were the Gods of ancient civilisation.


It is good to be reading familiar characters, I see that Colton hasn’t actually lost most of his skill. Thankfully, his younger team mates do more of the grunt work now as he’s not getting any younger. But hey, it’s still interesting when he is around.

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