The Art of Papercraft

Author: Helen Hiebert
Genre: Crafts & Hobbies, Paper, Non- fiction
Pub Date 15 Feb 2022
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The Art of Papercraft

I got The Art of Papercraft from Netgalley a while ago, but I haven’t gotten to reviewing it. Every time the government announces a lockdown or a restriction, essential places like pharmacies and shops get inundated. Not just before, there’s a steady stream of customers during, then the massive crowd after. I don’t really know where these people come from, because their prescriptions are not from around the area…


Papercrafts are fun if you are desperate for an activity sometimes. The main one that attracted me was the planter seed craft.

A bit about the book

Helen Hiebert is the brains behind the book, she is an artist and a teacher. The book has a few parts: some basic and others more artisanal. Paper lanterns seem to be part and parcel of any paper craft book. But the one that catches my eye is the plantable paper.

So I made the once above, and they work at first try. The instructions are simple, even the kids can do it. The four in the pictures come from seeds in the garden. I remember they are dill, parsley, celery and… oregano? Coriander seeds are a little too spherical to fit in a flat sheet.


There are many Papercraft books in the market, and they offer similar things. While this unique one does have some new ideas, and I can actually do some of it. This is not a book where you look and think: too hard. Some craft books require too many things, or things that are difficult to source.

Helen also includes some interesting facts about paper, as well as beautiful pictures of things you will never do. Overall, this is a book that anyone who loves pulped wood can enjoy. The planter seeds instructions are in the book. Helen’s idea is to use them as a gift, which is a cool thought.

The Art of Papercraft Verdict

While arts and crafts are great activities for lockdown, you can Youtube a lot of these instructions online. But if you want to own a paper copy of a few workable, good ideas, then this book is a good buy.

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