The Binding by Bridget Collins

The Binding

The Binding
Author: Bridget Collins
Genre: Fantasy, LGBT
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I only put LGBT in the genre because The Binding’s ranked somewhere there, so I guess you know even if I do not tell you. Sorry about my cover, I am a lousy photographer and I know it. Aside from the color, I do not think that the cover is different. The book was published April this year, and I have finished it ages ago! The Binding is a book best going in blind, much like the synopsis. Initially, I read it because it sounds magical, and it still is.


We start with Emmett Farmer, recovering from illness, and he is frustrated with his inability to help his family with farm work. Then a letter arrives, Emmett is going to be an apprentice for a Bookbinder in a neighboring town. The name Bookbinder evokes fear instead of awe, which is the first odd piece. With a lot of twisting and turning, Emmett and I learn a lot about being binder born. Seredith, his mentor, is old and keeps a lot of secrets. The starting of the book is pretty slow, both Emmett and I was getting a little restless when things start to happen.

First there’s a riot, people who remember the past and resents the bookbinders for what they can do. Then Emmett finds himself homeless, in a way, and landed in another apprenticeship because of his abilities. There is no mystery or secret, if you are a reader, the story is as clear as day. Except for some interesting parts.

What’s it really about?

The Binding is more a finding self book, than a book about magical works of book binding. Sure, Emmett struggles with his ability because of the ramifications, because he is a good person. Then when we find a book with his name on it, it is a different story! If the magic is what you came for, you will be in for a disappointment. The book centers around human nature, love, fear and power. I am not saying that it is not good, but I started the book for his ability to “bind” someone’s memory and turn it into books. It is no surprise how some may see it as an affront: we all have to live with our pasts, it is not fair to be able to forget.

For the story to go forward, Emmett has to go back to the past. His book holds the key to his memories, to why he is a binder born, and it leads to a future. I was so sure that he will change the world, but sometimes heroes are the ones who can better themselves. I learn that, just because you forget, does not mean that your experience did not change you. Emmett is a different person than he was before The Incident, and binding his memories to a book does not change that.


The Binding is confronting in many ways, aside from the LGBT issue of course. Emmett Farmer is clueless! Much like I was when I first started reading the book, so our emotions are the same: shock, disbelief, betrayal and all the feelllll~~~~

So I will say that you must must read The Binding!

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