The Body Shop Facial Massager – worth it?


The Body Shop Twin-Ball Revitalising Facial Massager

Now the website for this facial masssager is listed on my Australian page for AUD 49, while Amazon sells it for USD$15 on Prime. So if you think $15 is great, try it here if you want to give it a go. Belonging to the Oils of Life set, I was lucky enough to win this overpriced facial massager. Because, I would have never bought this when it retails at that price.

First Try

The massager is easy to use, all you have to do is lightly roll the twin balls in an upward direction for a lifting effect. As you can see, it is quite enjoyable and soothing. Princess likes it because the steel balls are cool and the rolling sensation is nice. If you cannot remember how to use it, the box will tell you.

They recommend that you use it with the Oils of Life oil or toner, which I have none of. Sometimes I just roll with my serum. Other times a night cream, just to lessen the friction and make the rolling smoother. This tool is nothing new, and it is made in China.

Hence I am at the lost of why they would charge AUD 49 for this. You could a jade roller for less that amount, and they do the same thing. Facial massages are great because they are gentle exercises for your facial muscles. Though i have yet to see any success in my V shaped chin. It is still pretty square.

What Does it Do?

While the box says improve circulation, of course you can capitalize on that. First of all, if you use it with the right materials, you can maximize the effect of a topical formulation. Think of it as a way to make your skin absorb more goodness. The improved circulation means your skin can take in a lot of nutrients, and that helps your skin glow. Another good reason to massage, is that we have lymph nodes near the throat. Gentle stimulation can push the lymphatic fluid towards the nodes, and that helps the body get rid of toxins around the face. Another win for anti- aging and beautiful skin.

I would stress that you do not need this tool, your hands will do. If you hate using your hands, jade rollers are available, some even use those Asian soup spoon. Google or Youtube to see what I mean.


I know that facial massages are good for the face, honestly you do not really need this tool. Since this was given to me, I accept with gratitude, but I won’t buy it. Especially not at that price.

Update with Life

I haven’t been updating much, because Australia is having this crazy transition weather, and my kids and King Brat are sick. No, I did not escape the clutches of the virus, but one must soldier on. They call it a man flu, not a mom’s flu right?


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