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The Crown Princess

The Crown Princess
Author: Kathleen Samuels
Series: Royals of Cordova 1
Genre: royalty, romance

The Crown Princess Tour

I haven’t done any review tours for a while now, because commitment is not my middle name for now. The Crown Princess features Gwen, who became Crown Princess of her country after her older brother gave up the throne.

Ever since that day she was named to inherit the country and throne, Gwen has been a model princess, watching her siblings have all the fun. One day she was given the chance to fulfil her bucket list, a few short days to let her hair down in Las Vegas.


Alex Titan – I thought I’d start with Alex Titan, her tour guide. He has a hotel in Las Vegas, and always trying to make his dad approve of him. Alex has daddy issues, despite his successes, he is always comparing himself with his father’s yard stick.

Gwen- the heroine of the book, or the damsel in distress, whichever way you want it. The Crown Princess who wants to have fun before she takes on responsibility. I cannot blame her, but Gwen’s nervousness strikes me odd sometimes.

Gwen’s siblings- I think they are part of the series, given how close they are. Gwen often calls them up for advice and assistance, which shows a special bond.


Nothing interesting? I should say that I wished that there were more conflicts and troubles, Alex and Gwen hit off well. Despite not knowing who his guest really is, Alex played the role of a gracious host, correctly guessing what she wants the whole way. If I met someone like Alex, would have married him straightaway. Unfortunately, our Crown Princess is not anyone, plus a misunderstanding that rubs the wrong way.

I am gleeful sometimes, a little sad when they fight. Overall, Kathleen Samuels can really make her princess real, her prince charming romantic as hell. Other characters seem to take a back seat in this book, which is full of tips for guys to woo a girl. None of it involves cake, chocolate and anything cheap. Well, he is rich…


Modern, witty and full of life, The Crown Princess may tick boxes for some. I do like the witty banter, and the thoughtfulness of a man when it comes to stories. There are vulnerabilities which makes the characters human, other times they seem out of reach. Overall, really worth a read if you like romance.

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