The Fair (Time Box Book 2)

The Fair


The Fair
Author: John A Heldt
Series: Time Box #2
Genre: Time travel, Romance, Action/ Adventure
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The Lanes are going to The Fair

After running away from Silas Bain, their tracker from The Lane Betrayal, the family votes to stay in 1893 for various reasons. Jordan Lane voted for the year because of Chicago’s World’s Columbian Exposition (or the World’s Fair). It is an interesting event to celebrate the 400th anniversary of Christopher Columbus’ arrival in 1492! As you can see from the cover of the book, it is in colour and would have been how the place looked like?

While the Lanes are becoming quite good at blending in, the family members still make some minor mistakes. Those mistakes are how Robert Devereaux, RD, their enemy in 2021, finds them. The history research team combs through diaries and odd boring pieces of logs to find any anomalies that can trace them back to the Lanes.

Honestly, I don’t really know why the Lanes didn’t change their last names? Perhaps they were cocky, but when there are a lack of good record keeping pre-digital era, I am sure you can make up a last name, no one will bat an eyelid if you call yourself Mark Smith.

Story So Far

With the help of Randy in 2021, the Lanes got away the first time. But RD smells a rat and closes in on Randy, whom he suspects is the mole who helped Mark Lane escape with the Time Box the first time. Their tracker relishes the hunt and wants to be back into business the moment the historians find any clues.

Back in 1893, the Lanes settle down in relative normality. Jordan and Jeremy both find love in odd places, but neither wants to take the leap of faith. With their unique situation, I wonder who will be successful? Laura finds new aim in life after 1865, and Mark and Mary wonders where life will take them when Janus catches up with them.

Stakes Go Up

It will not be fun if the stakes does not go up in a chase, but I did not expect it to be raised that high. When someone accidentally alters history, it creates a domino’s effect that ripples to RD in 2021. Now the man has more incentive to find the Lanes, and the Lanes do not know it yet. Silas Bain wants a revenge, while Randy’s plate is getting pretty full. I think the next book in the series will pack quite a punch, and I am truly excited to see what is next.

Where will the family be next?

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