The Fallback by Mariah Dietz

The Fallback
Author: Mariah Dietz
Source: InkslingerPR
Genre:  Contemporary Romance
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The Fallback

I received this book as part of the Inkslinger’s book tour. Written in first person point of view, Brooke experiences the problem many girls usually get. It may sound stupid, but even in 2019, girls still have to fight hard to “have it all” while men find excuses when they are weak. Such as this instance, Brooke is a successful event planner, but her boyfriend decided that she just wasn’t there, and cheated. If roles are reversed, we would probably blame the girl because she didn’t work hard to capture his heart. Now, it’s her fault because she works too hard.

Something all can relate, gender inequality is not just about equal pay, but also society’s expectations. The Fallback uses this setting in a subtle yet powerful way that reminds us how even now, we have to fight for fairness.


Brooke is the main character of the story, she is a driven workaholic. While I sometimes feel bad for Brooke, it is hard not to admire her tenacity.

Felicity and her family had helped Brooke through tough times in the book. Ever the good friend, Felicity provides a different point of view, and some good humour throughout the book. Time with Felicity is never boring, because she has two kids that keeps the book light- hearted.

Grammy is Brooke’s grandmother, the rock in her life. It is no secret that Brooke’s parents are separated, and that had an impact in her upbringing. Grammy is also a fan of self- help books, and she offers a different point of view. Grammy also represents a part of society/ community that expects girls to behave a certain way, despite trying to keep in with the times.

Levi Westbrook, son of Brooke’s boss Catherine. He is quite an interesting person to meet, somehow he got under Brooke’s nerves. Intelligent yet not condensending, Levi is somewhat of a power girl’s dream guy.


Despite it being a romance story, it feels like The Fallback is more about Brooke fixing everyone’s issue but her own. Time with Levi balances that out, making it an easier read than boring “I fix everything”. Felicity and her kids provide some much needed fun and reality check, while Grammy is like a small rest in between demands of life.

In the end, it is Brooke’s story to tell, and how she navigates her new found status.


The Fallback is a witty yet realisitic romance story that is definitely my cup of tea. I like Brooke and Levi, and her support network. This might be my first book recommend for Valentines.

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