The Family Table Slow Cooker

The Family Table Slow Cooker

Author: Dominique DeVito
Genre: food, recipe, non-fiction
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Worse pitch of all: The Family Table Slow Cooker has something for everyone. Let’s face it, you have heard that a thousand times, but thankfully this might be true. For me, it is the variety that gets me. I have a Fast Slow Cooker by Breville:

And this just helps me get through meal times, usually dinner. Sometimes lunch, if it has to be done in a short space of time. You know kids, the moment you have something to do they want you to do something with them. Like sleeping, and eating… With my Fast Slow I get so save some space, while having 2 cooking methods in one place.

So why the The Family Table Slow Cooker? I mean, don’t you just chuck everything into the cooker and let it stew? Technically that is still true, but a slow cooker than do more than just stew okay!

One of the recipes that I fancy is the mashed potatoes. Don’t laugh, but if you wake up early, chuck the potatoes in the pot and do what it says, by lunch time you would at least get mashed potatoes. All you have to do is grill some sausages, and viola! Lunch. Going out for lunch? the recipe includes baked potatoes and fritata, which can be part of dinner. For us in Autumn/ Winter where it’s cold and soup soups delicious? There’s a recipe for  that too!

My Breville comes with a steamer rack and steam basket, which I took to sometimes cook 2 things at once. Usually soup and something steamy at the top[ like chicken, but the recipe doesn’t to do steam =( ] All I am saying is, this The Family Table Slow Cooker actually has quite a few good ideas that you may find helpful in time saving =D.


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Mainly, the slow cooker is just a great way to get flavour in without actually having to watch the stove every half and hour. While I love my crock pots, my grills and whatever I have in the cupboard, sometimes laziness takes over. On a busy/ lazy day, my slow cooker saves the day, so I need and I am thankful for the book that I got (after I requested).  If you know a busy family that likes to have home cooked meals, this might be a great gift (for mother’s day?)

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10 thoughts on “The Family Table Slow Cooker

  1. Oh neat! I’ve never used a fast/slow cooker, but my crockpot does allow for me to toss it in and go which I like. I like the ‘something for everyone’ idea.

    1. the pressure cooker nowadays are a lot safer ! with this electric one, they self- regulate pressure. No more days where we had to adjust and watch the pressure… Yes my mom owned the stove pressure cooker it was pretty nerve wrecking I agree

  2. I love my slow cooker too, especially when making a beef roast. The meat just falls away with barely cutting it, so tender. It’s the only thing I really use it for though, I’ve tried other roasts like chicken and lamb in there but they aren’t all that suitable really. I’d love to learn to make other meals in there though, I love that you can set and forget it. I’ll use it on days that I plan on spending in the garden or even doing a spring clean. Looking forward to checking this one out Ailyn, great review! <3

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