The Frost Fervor Concordance Books First Trilogy: Books 1-3

The Frost Fervor Concordance Books First Trilogy: Books 1-3
Author: Tom Hansen
Genre: Fantasy YA
Series: The Frost Fervor Concordance
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The Frost Fervor Concordance Books First Trilogy

I found this set of three books in Netgalley and I could not resist. A lot of books/ series usually come as book 1, then I will have to buy the rest if I do like what I read. Since this already comes as a set of 3, plus a novella, it’s a bargain!.

The Frost Fervor starts with

Igniting Vengeance where we meet Ynya Oblique, who from the start of the story mesmerizes with her fish catching skills. She lives in a small village, where she returns to find it burning to the ground. Her sisters missing, her mother lay dying. Ynya has been entrusted with the task for finding her sisters, starting with the eldest: Synol.

The Frost Fervor #2

Flaming Vengeance comes as no surprise as the sisters move closer to finding their missing younger siblings. Through it all, Ynya exhibits some growth and maturity, although she is still hot headed as per normal. Synol tries hard to make her stop and think, but I guess Ynya’s fiery nature is nothing something you can just tamp on.

They find Finny in Reyoarfell, a special encampment for people with special abilities. Of course, nothing goes to plan and they find themselves in a big pickle.

In the third installment

Blazing Vengeance is the last of the series, where the sisters move on to find the youngest sibling: Meki. While Ynya remains the main heroine in the series, her sisters Synol and Finny are formidable supportive characters. Our girl continues to grow and mature into a strong and powerful young woman. However, the greatest villain of them all: the Frost Queen might prove to be the strongest enemy the Oblique siblings have ever faced.

Overall Review of Frost Fervor series

I could say that Ynya is a tough character to follow sometimes, she can be quite obtuse and impulsive. Her journey starts by the request of her dying mother, Tania. Throughout her journey, she displays a lot of rash decisions, usually Synol the older sister tries to bail her out. The good thing is that Ynya grows into a more careful person, and she comes to a lot of revelations.

It is easy to forget that this is a YA genre book with all the death and destruction, but it is one that young adults can learn from. Ynya ultimately has all the bad characteristics: rushing into things, taking things on face value and really bad at listening. Of course, this book gives her lessons about life, also imparting some wisdom to hopefully the reader.

Overall, the book is fast paced, yet exciting. Even the novella is full of fun bits that relates to the book. I admit I enjoy the books despite my reservations. It is not a great piece of writing, but it serves the purpose. If you do have a strong headed young adult needing some life advise, this series might help…

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