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The Gilded Wolves

The Gilded Wolves
Author: Roshani Chokshi
Genre: YA, Fantasy, Historical fiction
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About The Gilded Wolves

Séverin Montagnet-Alarie was denied his birthright, in a world where power is everything. In 1889, there exists families with a supernatural power, which was used to be run by four major families. Now, the Order of Babel tightens its grip around ancient secrets. While finding a special treasure, Séverin and his gang of misfits stumbled upon an important object.

Even though the story focuses mainly of Séverin and his group of treasure- hunters, The Gilded Wolves started the show with a gruesome scene. It also gives readers a small history lesson, set in Paris. It is like punk style, except with a special magic called Forging.


We have Séverin, the mastermind/ ring- leader of the group. He is also a hotelier, owning much of his success to his band of staff. All of the group members are broken, somewhat. They converge for a reason, different goals yet working together to achieve it. I guess while the goals are different, they still have to go through the Order of Babel to get it.

The people in The Gilded Wolves are colourful, they have their own fears and dreams. From the exotic dancer with an interesting past, to the non- blood- brother who constantly tries to keep Séverin grounded on his purpose. Not to mention the enemies: cunning and ruthless, not caring who they hurt.


From an alternative history to the ever present dangers in Forging, the author has indeed started this series with a loud bang. Totally digging the alternative history with a touch of present dangers. The Gilded Wolves also threw a curveball of sorts, adding a cliffhanger was not great, but I’ll make do.

This book is not only about treasure hunting, or planning for everything. The book is about friends who would do anything for each other, and the term watching your back has never been more true. If you are into steampunky, inaccurate history with a lot of interesting tidtibts, this is definitely your book.

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